At the start of the Rimini Meeting, politics will be queen

Elections, Berlusconi:

The war in Ukraine and the renewed tension in the Middle East are the hot topics of this inaugural day of the 43rd edition of the CL Meeting, the first after Fr Julian Carron’s step back from the leadership of the ecclesial movement founded by Luigi Giussani.

The Rimini event, which for over forty years has represented the “gong” for the resumption of politics at the end of the summer break, one month before the elections is destined to be more than ever a first-rate forum in the middle of the first election campaign Augustan of republican history.

From today to 25 August at the Rimini event just under a hundred meetings for which three thousand volunteers work. The presence of the elite of Italian politics and economy will be recorded, as well as, of course, of the ecclesial panorama.

This year’s theme is “A passion for man” (a quote from Fr Giussani), and politics is king. With the People of CL who, in turn, launch their own messages to politics. In an interview with La Repubblica, the president of the Meeting Bernard Scholz praises Mario Draghi, this year a guest for the third time in Rimini. “In 2020, when he was applauded for a long time here, Draghi gave us a profound message: in political choices we must look to the future, to the generations to come. With that spirit, general interests before particular ones, the government had launched important reforms. .. Then it went as it went “, he says, invoking” a strong and cohesive Parliament “and effectively closing the doors to presidentialism:” to put a hand to such a modification of the Constitution would require a very wide sharing, an objective that seems far from the reality, given the fragmentation of the scenario “, he argues.

International issues are on the agenda todaywith Paolo Pezzi, Archbishop of Moscow, Mons. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Patriarch of Jerusalem, Paolo GentiloniEuropean Commissioner for Economic Affairs, e Roberta MetsolaPresident of the European Parliament.

Mario Draghi arrives on 24 August. Inaugurating the 2020 Meeting, shortly after leaving the leadership of the ECB, he delivered a speech interpreted by many as the manifesto of his future government, with the distinction between the “good debt” and the “bad debt” of subsidies, defining the the first is crucial for getting out of the pandemic economic crisis. Nine ministers and many regional governors are also expected in Rimini.

Tuesday 23 to 12 Luigi will meet at the conference in collaboration with the Intergroup for Subsidiarity Di MaioEnrico ReadMauritius WolvesGiorgia MelonsHector RoséMatteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani: it will be the first major confrontation in the presence of the electoral campaign. In the Rimini week, then, episodes of other leaders are not to be excluded.

Particularly awaited is the speech that the president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, the August 21. It is not the first time that the Cardinal Archbishop of Bologna Matteo Maria Zuppi speaks at the Meeting: however this year for the first time he takes the Rimini stage representing all the Italian bishops, so warnings and indications are expected in view of the electoral consultation.

Also expected, the August 22the meeting with the president of the Council Giuliano Amato and the comparison between the presidents of seven Italian regions and the province of Trento.

Obviously, at the Meeting we will talk about Covidwith the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and virologists Rezza And I pray and the restart after the pandemic in view of an autumn that promises to be very hot.

And there will be an important space for the interreligious dialogue: the people of CL this year will host Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al-IssaSecretary General of the World Muslim League.

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