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Pravda: “The potential premier Meloni chooses the path of chaos”

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European Athletics, Abdelwahed:

“The potential Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni chooses the path of chaos and will lead Italy into an even deeper crisis than the current one”. This is what Pravda writes, on the home page on its website, in an analysis dedicated to the role of Meloni and Fratelli d’Italia in view of the upcoming elections on 25 September.

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“Meloni expressed support for Ukraine and the transatlantic brotherhood and assured that his government will be a solid Atlanticist government that will support Ukraine in its fight against Russia,” writes the Russian daily.

“Meloni’s coalition comrade, the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, is suspected of ‘killing’ Mario Draghi’s government ‘on the orders of Vladimir Putin’ (The League left the coalition with the Democratic Party in the previous government, which triggered the collapse and early elections) “.

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“Meloni, historically Eurosceptic, now no longer has the courage to be, and you can understand why. In the current situation with the EU, she would neither be able to coordinate the coalition program nor qualify for the elections. Therefore, Giorgia Meloni bravely denies the suspicions about Russian assistance and keeps silent on her opposition to immigration and on what she has called the LGBT lobby “, continues Pravda.

As regards the special operation in Ukraine, Meloni – writes Pravda – believes that Italy should not be “the weak link of the West”. Italy, on the other hand, should prove to be a “proud and faithful nation that takes away the stereotype of the nation of spaghetti and mandolin, so dear to the wicked”.

“As we can see, Meloni places a clear emphasis on image, rather than on national interest”, concludes Pravda.

Source: Ansa

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