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Archbishop Pizzaballa, Palestinians feel abandoned

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Tuscan tourists:

“On the political and social level, Israelis and Palestinians share a lack of trust: no one trusts anyone yet and no one wants to hear about the peace process after the failure. Politics on both sides of the wall are weak, leadership and leadership are lacking. vision, and in Gaza there are two million people locked up in the poverty of a tiny strip of land without water and electricity. In the West Bank, the expansion of settlements makes the prospect of an agreement increasingly blurred. There is a conscience among Palestinians of have been abandoned by the international community that does not already take care of them who are left alone to fight for their country, for Palestine. In this context we work for Justice and Peace giving a word of truth, but which also gives trust and surpass resignation and rebellion “. This was stated by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Monsignor Giovanni Battista Pizzaballa, speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Rimini Meeting.
“Speaking of peace and justice in the Holy Land is always tiring: both to evade rhetoric and because Justice and Peace seem a distant mirage that leaves people with distrust but also rebellion and resignation”, he argues, adding that “the commitment to justice and peace must be the first and immediate expression of the life of faith.
Defending God’s rights also means defending human rights. We cannot speak of justice and peace from the Christian point of view without speaking of forgiveness. We can no longer think of a peaceful future if history is not freed from the enormous baggage of injustices of the past. It is not a question of forgetting, but it will be difficult to build a peaceful future if being a victim is placed at the basis of one’s national and social identity. In this, forgiveness is fundamental “, he concludes.

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