Berlusconi, a million trees and woods around the cities

Pnrr, Gentiloni:

“When we go to the government, every year we will have a million new trees planted, naturally in addition to those already foreseen in the existing national and regional plans. My dream is to create circular woods, around big cities, and radial woods, real green corridors between the houses “. It is the ecological proposal of Silvio Berlusconi who dedicates the video-pill of the day to the environment.

“In our cities, greenery is scarce, entire neighborhoods are made of concrete only – stresses the president of Forza Italia – yet living in the green means living better, in a more natural way, surrounded by beauty, with cleaner and fresher air. It is about our health, the quality of our lives “. Then he invites the voters to go and vote for FI on September 25 and ironically: “You have to vote for the symbol of Forza Italia, on which there is, again, my name, which I asked was in green and instead it is, again, in blue”.

Source: Ansa

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