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Elections: Albertini is not a candidate, sparks with Calenda

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Pietro Grasso:

Gabriele Albertini is not a candidate in the next elections: his political adventure with the third pole of Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda ended in a flash in the pan, indeed in a fireworks show between the former mayor of Milan and the founder of Action with an exchange of accusations and barbs.
It seemed made for his candidacy. The problem was where. The former mayor intended to run in his Milan, where he was mayor for two terms and where those who stop him on the street still call him “mayor”. But the college, in the breakdown, fell to Calenda’s party that he decided to put Enrico Costaoutgoing undersecretary and deputy secretary of Action.
“I wrote to Carlo Calenda that I respect, but I do not agree with his minimalist choice, that is to keep the armored seats for the men of Action – explained Albertini in an interview with the Giorno -. He didn’t even answer me”. He did not reply via text, but today on social media he is quite piqued.
“I have not seen Albertini since the time of Civic Choice, I would say almost ten years – commented Calenda -. A week ago he asked for a double candidacy in Milan with a message. Having never been a member of Action, it seemed to me an at least extravagant proposal. “.
Albertini did not raise. He replied instead of him Guido Della Freraoutgoing deputy very close to the former mayor who resigned as regional coordinator of Italy at the center in the days of the birth of the alliance between Action and Italy alive and who decided not to reapply.

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“Extravagant – he commented – it is on the part of Carlo Calenda not to understand that in order to constitute the Third Pole, liberal and reformist, an enlightened leader must broaden his consent, as he immediately understood Matteo Renzi before the electoral agreement with Action, inviting to the list men like the former mayor Gabriele Albertini “who” in his long history has never taken party cards, always offering himself as civil servant and giving so many results, which are still in the everyday life and in the memory of the Milanese “.

Albertini, explained the former mayor, had been offered the position as leaders in Milan “with a welcome phone call from Maria Elena Boschi“And now, confirming that he will vote for the third pole, he says he has an open bet with Calenda:” I think it can exceed 10%, he told me it will exceed 20%. We bet a lunch at Carlo Cracco’s. “Perhaps the opportunity to meet again after ten years.

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Source: Ansa

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