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Lists closed between poisons and controversies, the campaign starts

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The candidacy puzzle is complete. Cost much more effort than in the past, and not only for the heat of the first summer election campaign, leaves many excluded on the field (including the big names), many discontent and just as many goodbyes. Up to touching the internal earthquake, as it almost happened in Forza Italia and in the Democratic Party. Those who remain are candidates with more or less known faces, few VIPs and very few mayors. In addition to the government team, largely reconfirmed in the race for the new Parliament that will be born in the autumn. The first reduced to 600 elected by the constitutional reform wanted by the M5s.

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But as soon as the time to deposit the binders of the lists in the courts of appeal and phase two starts: the electoral campaign. On the starting line is Giorgia Meloni who will open her campaign in Ancona. After the super debate with almost all the other leaders – excluding Giuseppe Conte of the M5s – who will be at the Rimini Meeting, the leader of the Brothers of Italy will be in the streets in the region that her party governs with Francesco Acquaroli.

Apart from the rallies, the campaign is already in full swing. And it is consumed with shots of tweets (fished out or new), films, crossed proposals in a polarization of the fronts that is increasingly clear and dominated by internal poisons. A ‘virus’ from which – apart from FdI, apparently – no party has remained immune. Silvio Berlusconi’s one knows something about it. After a long conclave at Villa Certosa and more than a night marathon, FI reveals its axes and the revolt of the territories breaks out. From Basilicata to Veneto passing through Molise, locals protest against the candidates ‘parachuted’ from Rome. The President of the Senate ends up in the crosshairs, Elisabetta Casellati – who runs uninominal in the Lucanian college, effectively ousting the local undersecretary Giuseppe Moles – the Bolognese parent company Anna Maria Bernini who points to the college of Padua (considered certain for Casellati) and disrupts the Venetian party, up to the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito who is now shaking Molise.

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Agitation also experienced among the Democrats. Here the fight for last place took place on August 15th in the National Direction which was postponed several times and closed at midnight. Excluding excellent Luca Lotti finished – he is convinced – in the cross vendettas between Dem and former Renzians. The undersecretary Enzo Amendola is luckier, poised but ‘rescued’ at the end in Basilicata. But the aftermath continues, with the grumbling of the many placed in very uncertain colleges. And a couple of goodbyes from the party like senators Gianni Pittella and Dario Stefano. Among the super big, few surprises. Il Cavaliere is preparing for the great return to the Senate and is leaders in Piedmont, Lazio, Campania and in ‘his of him’ Monza. His partner Marta Fascina in the Chamber is also deployed in Lombardy, while his loyal Antonio Tajani and Licia Ronzulli divide Lazio and Lombardy.

Enrico Letta leads the list in Milan and ‘crosses over’ in the Veneto, launching the challenge to the League in his land. For his debut in Parliament, Conte is betting on the colleges of Lombardy, Puglia, Campania and Sicily. His predecessor in the M5S, Luigi Di Maio plays in Napoli-Fuorigrotta. For Matteo Salvini the challenge is open in Milan, while in Rome the duel is between Emma Bonino of + Europa and Carlo Calenda, allies only for a few hours.

Less painful, the ‘birth’ of the FdI lists: favored by the polls and overbooked by candidates (having so far been in the opposition), the ‘patriots’ publish the complete list on the website. Five colleges for Meloni (Abruzzo, Lazio, Lombardy, Puglia and Sicily), the former minister Giulio Tremonti will be on the track in Lombardy and the former prosecutor Carlo Nordio in Veneto. Few extra-political new entries. From TV comes Rita Dalla Chiesa, a candidate in Puglia with FI, from the publishing house Antonio Angelucci who chose the League. From sport the former Formula one driver, Emerson Fittipaldi who will be in the South American district of FdI. Another sportsman is the volleyball player Luigi Mastrangeli, competing for the League. The Democratic Party deploys the economist Carlo Cottarelli and the virologist Andrea Crisanti who becomes the fuse for yet another battle over vaccines.

Source: Ansa

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