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Elections, Casellati in Basilicata with FI. Renzi leaders in Tuscany, Lombardy and Campania

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Ansa Live at 9 pm (ANSA)

At 8 pm the deadline for the presentation of the lists in the various Courts of Appeal expires and the picture of the candidates begins to become clearer.

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THIRD POLE – “I will lead the list in the Senate in Lombardy, Tuscany and Campania”, announces the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi. “The lists, of course, have caused many problems. I thank all the friends who have given the availability, those who have taken a step back with elegance and style, those who are more or less rightly angry. We are all on track for a great election campaign”.

CENTER RIGHT – Claudio Durigon and Alfredo Becchetti, respectively coordinators of the Lazio League and Rome, filed the lists at the Court of Appeal of Rome. Durigon confirmed that for the center-right single-member constituencies “Giorgia Meloni she will be a candidate in L’Aquila. “In the uninominal of Lazio they will be candidates Fabio Rampelli, Antonio Tajani and Claudio Durigon. Salvini warns: “Yes, everything has been closed since yesterday, we are waiting for the other allies to give the material too. I am proud, we have no known names but mayors, entrepreneurs and representatives of the voluntary sector who will know what to do in Parliament. And the team of government”

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Casellati in Basilicata – The President of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, will be nominated for FI at the uninominal. This is confirmed by the Venetian coordinator of Fi, Michele Zuin, who in these minutes is presenting the lists for the Veneto in the Court of Appeal in Venice.

Berlusconi candidate in Monza, Piedmont and Lazio 2 – Berlusconi is a candidate in Monza for the uninominal of the Senate and is the leader in college 2 and college 3 of the Senate. She is also a candidate in the Senate in college 1 Licia Ronzulli as leaders. Marta FascinaSilvio Berlusconi’s partner and deputy, is a candidate for the Chamber in the Lombardia 1 district (which includes Milan Monza) for college 1 and, as leader, for College 2. And in Lombardy there are also candidates Stefania Craxi, Valentina Aprea and Alessandro Cattaneo.

The candidacies of FdI in Campania – He will be the former president of the Senate, Marcello Perato lead the list for the elections to the Senate in the Campania 1 college. Following the senator Giovanna Petrenga, the coordinator of Fdi in Naples Sergio Rastrelli (son of the deceased former president of the Campania Region and nephew of the Jesuit Massimo, founder of the first anti-usury foundations in Naples) and the journalist Gabriella Peluso, head of the press office of the Campania Regional Council. Petrenga, however, leads the list in the Senate also in the college of Campania 2. Marta Schifone, member of the board of Fdi, daughter of Luciano, historical executive of An, several times regional councilor of Campania and councilor in the regional council, takes the field for the Chamber Rakes. Outgoing deputies run for reconfirmation Edmondo Cirielli and Antonio Iannone who in the uninominal for the Chamber in Caserta challenges Piero De Luca, candidate of the Democratic Party, son of the President of the Region. Outside the regional councilor Carmela Rescigno, who took over from Marco Nonno in the regional assembly, and 4 mayors: Nello Donnarumma (Palma Campania), Antonio Del Giudice (Striano), Pietro Sagristani (Sant’Agnello) and Giovanni Corrado (Cicciano).

Tosi candidate with FI in VeronaFlavio Tosi will be the leader for Forza Italia in the multi-member board of the Verona Chamber. The former mayor himself confirms this. Tosi had announced his entry into Silvio Berlusconi’s party last June 15 in Rome, after the result of the first round of the Verona municipal elections, which had seen him excluded from the ballot.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY – The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta will be nominated as leader of the Chamber in Lombardy and Veneto. That’s what we learn from Dem sources, while Carlo Cottarelthere will be the leader in the Senate in Milan and the professor and microbiologist Andrea Crisanti Stefano Ceccanti will be at the top of the list for the College of Pisa

ITALIAN LEFT-VERDICarlotta Bonvicini, Aboubakar Soumahoro (candidate also for the uninominal in Modena) and Giovanni Paglia are the leaders of the Left-Greens in the Chamber in Emilia-Romagna, presented in the morning to the Court of Appeal of Bologna. Behind them Luca Fornasari, Eleonora Evi and Cristina Megozzi. In the Senate, however, the candidacy of Possible has been confirmed, with Giuseppe Civati ​​and Beatrice Brignone, alternating as leaders in the two districts. Behind them, in college 2 is Fausto Tomei, from the Italian Left and in the Civic Coalition in Bologna.

Source: Ansa

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