“Dupond-Moretti’s position is not tenable”, launches Julien Dive

Laura Laplaud
8:45 a.m., August 23, 2022

In a video posted last week on YouTube, inmates compete in teams around different tests. Challenges organized in the courtyard of the Fresnes prison which did not fail to cause controversy. Guest of Europe Matin Tuesday, Julien Dive, LR deputy from Aisne, returned to the subject.

An episode of “Kohlanness”, a program broadcast on YouTube which imitates the famous television program “Koh-Lanta” and which aims to raise funds for several neighborhood associations, was filmed at Fresnes prison a year ago. fortnight. The video, published on Friday and which shows inmates and guards confronting each other in various events, has aroused several strong reactions, particularly political ones. “A prison is not a supermarket, we do not come in like that”, launched Julien Dive, LR deputy for Aisne and vice-president of the economic affairs committee, on Europe 1 on Tuesday.

“It is obvious that Éric Dupond-Moretti’s position is not tenable. I would prefer that he play sincerity and say ‘yes, I have validated this project’, that he come and answer for it before the law commission,” he continued.

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Source: Europe1

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