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The school enters the electoral campaign, it is a clash between the big names

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Di Maio:

Free textbooks up to high school, extension of compulsory schooling from kindergarten and up to 18 years, substantial increase in teachers’ salaries in the space of 5 years: the issues concerning the world of school were at the center of this morning at CL meeting underway in Rimini and were touched by all party leaders.

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The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta focuses on teachers’ salaries “They must be paid like their European colleagues. In 5 years it is possible to do so. Let’s all make this commitment in favor of a European salary”, he says, also supporting the need to “make asylum compulsory and extend the obligation up to 18 years”. A proposal, that on the extension of compulsory schooling, which the audience of the Meeting did not like: the words of the Pd leader were underlined by a chorus of “no!”.

The leader of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, on the other hand, focuses on a “very serious system of scholarships”. And it also proposes to “reintroduce grades in primary school and enhance the high school exam”. Like Letta, she too wants the salaries of teachers to be adjusted to the European average and finally asks for “more sport for all”.

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The recipe of the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini also in response to the serious economic crisis that threatens to overwhelm families, is to “extend the provision” that thetext books are free or deductible“: this, he argues, would involve” little expense and a lot of yield “. On the university, the leader of the League proposes that at the Faculty of Medicine we can copy the French system where everyone has access to the faculty.” The selection – he says – you do not do it first to start with the cross test, but at the end of the first year based on marks and merits “. A recipe proposed in recent days by the Lazio Regional Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amatocenter-left, but rejected by the current minister of the University Cristina Messa.

Also at the center of the big debate this morning the paritaria school, “offers a public service”, says Maurizio Lupi by Noi Moderati. This theme is also addressed by Antonio Tajani, coordinator of Forza Italia. “We need a bonus, too many non-state schools are closing because they are strangled by a policy against them”. There is the “right to educate our children as Christians”, he points out.

Tajani always believes that we need to “create jobs and put young people in the conditions to work”, “let’s forget about the citizenship income”, he urges. Finally, he needs to “reform the university” where there are “too many nepotisms and barons”. While Ettore Rosatopresident of Italia Viva, argues that respect for the principle of subsidiarity is fundamental in the Italian education and health system.

Source: Ansa

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