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Gas increasingly expensive, the EU convenes an extraordinary summit

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With the price of gas getting higher and higher, the issue of energy is worrying, especially in view of autumn. The European Union convenes an extraordinary Council of Energy Ministers by mid-September to deal with the emergency. The debate takes hold in the Italian electoral campaign about a month after the elections.

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“Enrico Letta, but how do you, in the moment of greatest need for gas, also to be independent from Putin, to make a manifesto like this”. The leader of Action writes it on Twitter, Carlo Calendacommenting on the election poster published by the secretary of the Democratic Party, with the message Fossil fuels / Renewable energies, and the claim ‘Choose’.

“Energy policy cannot be reduced to these meaningless slogans. Are you against gas? And how are we going to pedal? #ItaliaSulSerio”, continues Calenda, who then adds: “But no one from the Democratic Party is able to stop this populist drift?” . A question addressed in particular to Carlo Cottarelli, to the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori and to the governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini.

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“The mandate of the M5S has never been about closing our eyes and ‘not disturbing’ the acclaimed Government of the Best. Our mandate has always been and always will be the defense of the interests of citizens, starting with the least guaranteed ones. in time we could have prevented the recessionary spiral that had already been triggered for months more effectively and at lower costs. Now all the parties in the electoral campaign are discovering that we were right. So let’s go straight to Parliament to support massive interventions with the other political forces. lost too much time “. So on Facebook the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte.

“Plus € 711 per family: this – according to Codacons – is the autumn sting that will hit the citizens, crushed by bills and food expenses – writes Conte in the post -. We are not willing to let the delays accumulated on the gas price roof, budget variance, far more effective taxation on extra-profits, VAT cut on foodstuffs fall on people’s heads. “” When we raised our voice with the Government, already 6 months ago, for an extraordinary plan of interventions, accusations of all kinds rained down on us – adds the former premier -. At best we were the disturbers who create ‘fibrillations’ in the placid harmony of the balance of government “.

“Surely a 30 billion euro budget intervention will be needed to tackle the energy crisis. At least 30 billion euro will be needed to avoid a massacre of companies that otherwise close in October. We will ask Europe, if the Italians will vote for us, a Pnrr, an extraordinary intervention plan, as there was on the pandemic, now on energy, without incurring debt “. The leader of the League said, Matteo Salvini, parrying in Bari at an electoral meeting. “Because – he added – either the Italian government manages to put 30 billion into liquidity of the companies or we meet here in November and we have half of the companies that risk closing”. “I hope that in Brussels they will do everything possible to stop the war – he said again expressing doubts about the usefulness of the sanctions – because the longer the war goes on, the more people die in Ukraine, but the higher the gas and electricity bill in Italy. “.

Source: Ansa

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