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    how Macron wants to accelerate wind and solar projects

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    Baptist Morin
    7:30 p.m., September 22, 2022

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    Traveling to Saint-Nazaire this Thursday for the inauguration of the first French offshore wind farm in Loire-Atlantique, Emmanuel Macron stressed the need to accelerate the process of setting up renewable energies. How does the president want to go about it? Europe 1 takes stock.

    France must go “twice as fast” on renewable energies. This is what Emmanuel Macron said in Saint-Nazaire, this Wednesday. The president spoke of shortened delays in court. It remains to be seen how this will translate to the rest of the proceedings.

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    First, there are legal actions, which slow down the majority of wind projects. Last Monday, eight associations filed an informal appeal to ask the State to review the location of the Oléron sea park project. If the state does not change anything, the associations promise to go to the administrative court. The project off the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier has already been appealed to the Council of State. Emmanuel Macron wants the law to limit the time of justice to ten months per level of jurisdiction. A final decision will therefore be made in two and a half years at most.

    Lagging procedures

    The bill also covers administrative procedures. These can take years. During the examination phase of a solar power plant project, deadlines are not regulated. So that could change. Moreover, the procedures cannot be conducted simultaneously. For example, the environmental study must be submitted for the public inquiry to begin in turn. The idea could be to conduct them in parallel.

    However, professionals warn of the gap between political intention and practical implementation. The government is asking the prefects to speed up the processing of projects, but for that, they will need human resources.

    Source: Europe1

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