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    Bompard’s sentence that does not pass

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    “Abject” or “shameful” remarks, “shut up!” : several leftist and government figures strongly criticized on Friday the remarks of LFI deputy Manuel Bompard who notably assured that “a slap is not equal to a man who beats his wife every day”. “I am not minimizing the facts (…), I try to make sense of things: a slap is never acceptable but a slap is not equal to a man who beats his wife every day and a slap is not equal to a person who is accused of rape after having drugged the people who accuse him”, declared on Cnews this very close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, questioned on the Adrien Quatennens affair.

    “Abject remarks that trivialize violence”

    “We have to manage on these subjects to have nuance, to have principles that we must respect, and we must take into account the words of those who speak on this type of subject”, he said. he continued. “Abject words that trivialize violence. Words that damage the fight against violence against women. Words that totally discredit you on this subject”, reacted on Twitter a few hours later the Minister Delegate for Women’s Equality- Men, Isabel Rome.

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    “Shut up now! That’s enough!!”, added Marlène Schiappa, who also held this portfolio before that of Secretary of State for the Social and Solidarity Economy in a tweet, judging that these remarks “do harm considerable contribution to the fight for the protection of women against violence”. “How can we dare?”, pestered the leader of the renaissance group in the Assembly, Aurore Bergé.

    “A slap to his spouse is a crime”, recalls Sandrine Rousseau

    “BUT IT’S NOT POSSIBLE! “, also indignant feminist activist and EELV adviser from Paris, Raphaëlle Remy-Leleu, on the social network. “What you’ve been talking about with the rebellious comrades for a week is unbearable. Stop talking about the violence. At least stop making us suffer. Find the courage to talk about it with a feminist and at the same time bear your lack of knowledge of the subject, your political complacency, as well as the pain and the anger that you generate”, she insisted.

    On LCI, EELV deputy Sandrine Rousseau also recalled that “a slap in the face to one’s spouse is a crime”. “That’s what we have to move because all these words are words that minimize the acts,” she said. On the far right, Julien Odoul (RN) spoke of a “shipwreck”, while Gilbert Collard (Reconquest!) estimated that “the hierarchy (of facts) is, in itself, unbearable!”. LFI deputy for the North Adrien Quatennens admitted domestic violence against his wife on Sunday, including a slap in the face, and stepped down from his position as coordinator of the movement. The Lille prosecutor’s office opened an investigation following the filing of a handrail by Ms. Quatennens.

    Source: Europe1

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