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    Storm on the words of Berlusconi. Zelensky: ‘Do you trust Putin as a killer?’

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    They become a case Berlusconi’s words to Porta a Porta, according to which Putin “wanted to replace Zelensky with a government of decent people”. The Cav then specified: ‘We with the EU and NATO’. But it wasn’t enough.

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    At the attack the secretary Dem, Enrico Letta. Those of Berlusconi on Putin “are scandalous and very serious words. I wonder and I ask Meloni if ​​he shares them and if the Italians can share them. Moreover, they are rambling words; Berlusconi himself voted for aid with Fi supporting Draghi. We are beyond imaginable , are words that please Putin. If on Sunday evening if the right wins, the first happy would be Putin. We are always against the aggressor who, as Berlusconi himself says, ‘uses troops to make good people’ “.

    Hard also Carlo Calenda, leader of the third poleat 24 Mattino on Radio 24. “Yesterday Berlusconi took us out of any kind of European and Euro-Atlantic alliance. Yesterday Berlusconi spoke like a Putin general. But a coalition that argues over everything means Italy in default. Others solutions mean Italy to disaster. Here either we get it into our heads that we are in a very agitated sea, or we will break our heads. We can only choose the third pole to keep the country safe. ”

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    The Zelensky’s spokesperson. “Putin has been in power for more than 20 years. He killed or imprisoned political opponents. He sent an army of murderers rapists into the territory of a sovereign state. He organized a massacre in Syria, he is responsible for the shooting down of a passenger plane with 300 people in 2014. And now he threatens nuclear weapons. So, if we understand correctly, Berlusconi trusts him and uses his example to define who is a respectable person and who is not? “, Seriiy Nykyforov told Repubblica, adding on the vote in Italy: “It is essential that citizens choose candidates who have and follow the right moral principles”.


    “I think it is absolutely clear that President von der Leyen did not intervene in the Italian elections when she spoke of instruments and referred to procedures underway in other countries”. The spokesperson of the EU Commission said, Eric Mamer, answering a question about von der Leyen’s words at Princeton University.

    In her reply the president Ursula von der Leyen “he explicitly said that the Commission will work with all governments that come out of the elections and who want to work with the European Commission,” added Mamer. The president “tried to explain the role of guardian of the treaties of the Commission and in particular in the field of the rule of law”, added Mamer.

    “The EPP condemned the Russian invasion from day one. Unequivocally. It supported and led the sanctions against Russia. Unwaveringly. It supported the sending of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Firmly. Attempts to break through. to suggest otherwise are absurd. Period “. The secretary general of the European People’s Party, Thanasis Bakolas, wrote in a tweet. In a previous tweet, after the controversy over Berlusconi’s words, the EPP underlined how “Forza Italia’s position is crystal clear: it supports Ukraine in the fight against Russia’s illegal war”.

    Source: Ansa

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