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Federal Criminal Police Office warns: Energy crisis threatens internal security

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The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is expecting an intensified security situation and a hot demonstration winter due to rising energy and food prices and possible rationing of the energy supply. Due to the increasing number of infections, new corona protection measures could then also “exacerbate the situation and thus increase the risk”.

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This emerges from an internal BKA memo dealing with possible protests in the Federal Republic. It speaks of a “risk relevance” – a situation similar to the Corona protests can be expected “if a significant proportion of the population feels or actually gets into existentially threatening situations as a result of political decisions”.

The BKA has also registered attempts by Islamists to take advantage of the current crisis. It is about a call for attacks on the economic infrastructure. A spokesman for the terrorist militia “Islamic State” called for exploiting Russia’s war against Ukraine and the unstable political situation in Europe.

Experts expect violence from corona critics

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In any case, the BKA expects demonstrations and criminal offenses analogous to the Corona protests. In addition, there could be occupations and blockades of companies in the energy and armaments industries by the left scene. Criminal offenses against politicians and decision-makers are to be feared from right-wing extremists and corona skeptics, as well as “violent forms of action” from corona critics. The BKA warns that the new corona rules that are possible from October could also drive parts of the civil-democratic spectrum into the arms of the milieu of the corona protests.

Overall, the BKA tries not to overdramatize the situation. Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) had warned of “popular uprisings” with a view to an energy shortage. So far, the BKA experts have not seen any indications “that point to violent riots in the context of the expected protests”.

More and more people are dissatisfied with the situation

However, dissatisfaction with the political situation is growing – especially in the East. Only 31 percent of the people there were “all in all satisfied,” according to the federal government’s annual report on the status of German unity. That is nine percent less than in 2020. In western countries, satisfaction was 44 percent, ten points less than in 2020.

In the east, only 26 percent of respondents are satisfied with the work of the government, in 2020 it was 42 percent. Only 43 percent of East Germans and 58 percent of West Germans are of the opinion “that you can always express your opinion freely without getting into trouble” – compared to 50 and 63 percent respectively two years ago.

For October 8th, the AfD is calling for a large-scale demonstration in Berlin under the motto “Stop the price explosion” and “Nord Stream 2 instead of a gas levy”. The party had already announced a “hot autumn” and the resumption of right-wing Monday demonstrations. A broad alliance is calling for counter-protests on October 8th.

The Berlin police are preparing for a critical situation. For this purpose, the three scenarios of increasing prices, shortages and failure of the energy supply were developed; Stage two is currently imminent, they say. In addition to more protests from the climate movement and critics of energy policy, the State Criminal Police Office is assuming more crimes – hate crime, fraud, for example when filling up, buying goods or social benefits, as well as theft, domestic violence, vandalism, burglaries, electricity theft and manipulation of electricity meters are mentioned.

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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