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Government advisers call for reform: Regulatory Control Council considers German laws to be hasty and flawed

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The National Regulatory Control Council has called for a reform of the legislative process in Germany. The federal government and the Bundestag passed laws and regulations too hastily and therefore too incorrectly, said the chairman of the advisory body of the federal government responsible for the legal review, Lutz Goebel, the editorial network Germany. Legislation in Germany must be organized differently, he demanded.

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The National Regulatory Control Council was established in 2006 and is an independent advisory body. It examines the bureaucracy costs and, since 2011, the entire follow-up costs of all draft laws and regulations of the federal government. The aim is for ministries and parliament to be able to realistically assess what effort, what bureaucracy and what costs will result from their decisions.

The bottom line is that such an approach would save time, manpower and the frustration of those affected by inadequate legislation.

Lutz Goebel, Chairman of the Regulatory Control Council

The powers of the National Regulatory Control Council were also expanded as part of the parliamentary procedure. From 2023, the committee will also examine the extent to which the possibilities of digital implementation of new regulations have been examined when drafting a law.

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Goebel said it doesn’t make sense to always write laws under very high time pressure and rush them through the legislative process. Technical errors or undesirable effects such as too much bureaucracy often became apparent afterwards.

“If there were more time for the legislative process and more experts were heard – especially those who have to implement the laws in the municipalities – then many corrections could be avoided afterwards,” said Goebel.

The additional time that would be needed to pass the regulations in advance would be saved later, said the head of the Regulatory Control Council: “The bottom line is that such an approach would save time, manpower and frustration among those affected by inadequate laws,” emphasized Goebel.

Goebel has been the chairman of the current nine-member board since May. Goebel. Before that, he was President of the Association of Family Entrepreneurs and is the managing partner of Henkelhausen GmbH & Co. KG. According to the Federal Ministry of Justice, the appointment of a tenth member is still being decided. (AFP/Tsp)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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