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Everyone got it wrong: Nancy Faeser’s truth about racism

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Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) deserves sympathy simply because she is the first Federal Interior Minister that Germany has ever had. However, one piece of wisdom from the gray men of their predecessors still applies: Do not comment on police operations from the office. They are regularly a matter for the state.

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There is little doubt that Nancy Faeser has this insight. Still, she didn’t stick to it. When she was asked at the press conference to present the “Organized Crime Situation Report” with reference to an incident from Berlin documented in a video, whether she felt it was racism when a police officer said “this is my country and you are here Guest, you have to follow our rules,” Faeser replied: “No, I don’t see that as racism.”

A minor matter perhaps, but one that testifies to an understanding of the office: Never admit a mistake – even if it costs credibility

Jost Müller-Neuhof

Racism would not be tolerated, she continued, but one had to understand that police officers “when they experience such serious forms of crime on the street” sometimes speak a clear language. From then on, a minister who defended racists made the headlines. No more organized crime.

The officials’ appearance was rude, their words were racist

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Anyone familiar with the images and sounds that Faeser seemed to be talking about has no sympathy for either the police officers or the minister. The men’s appearance was raw, their words were pejorative, excluding – racist.

Faeser’s speech is available on the “Phoenix” broadcaster. If she meant it seriously, a resignation would be due. But it is possible that she only half listened to the journalists’ question or listened but did not know the Berlin case at all. Or she blacked out.

How do I handle this? At least not like the Ministry. Inquiring journalists are sent a text module that begins as follows: “In the federal press conference on the federal situation report on organized crime, Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser was not asked about the specific incident in Berlin.”

Official “fake news” or a form of quibbles?

Not asked? Those who were present should have heard this differently, everyone else can listen to it on “Phoenix”: Of course, after Faeser’s comment, the journalist asked how they – specifically – fell during the Berlin mission. If what the Federal Ministry of the Interior subsequently says is not wrong, i.e. official “fake news”, then it is a form of quibbling that ends in a distortion of the facts. The Federal Ministry of the Interior disputes what cannot be disputed. It denies reality.

The government has a duty of truth. Instead of satisfying her, the ministry creates a parallel truth in which Faeser suddenly no longer wants her sentence “No, I don’t see that as racism” to be related to the events in Berlin. She accuses everyone of making a mistake who understood her statement correctly.

A minor matter perhaps, but one that testifies to an understanding of office, as many of their predecessors probably did: Never admit a mistake – even if it costs credibility and comes across as arrogant. Mrs. Faeser and the old ministers, they seem to agree on this.

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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