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Meloni appeal to all parties, energy epochal challenge

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The recipe for facing the energy crisis, an “epochal” challenge, is the real test of the future executive. And Giorgia Meloni appeals “compactness” to the political forces, “all of them”. Because giving answers to citizens and businesses increasingly tried by the rise in bills will not be easy at all and the new government will also need the cooperation of the opposition, as Fdi did for example on Ukraine. All the more so if the EU does not act “promptly and with common sense”. Abandoning that low profile that characterized the first days as prime minister in pectore, the president of Fdi appeals to the parties for responsibility. And she takes a position in the match with the European partners. For this passage she chooses the words carefully. Which are very similar to those, very clear, used by the premier still in office Mario Draghi with whom there were contacts during the day.

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No one ever explicitly mentions Germany and its choice to launch a $ 200 billion aid program alone, but the reference is clear. As well as the harmony with the premier still in office. Nobody saves himself alone is the message that Meloni sends to Brussels a few days before the first of two EU summits that are decisive for the battle over the price of gas. “No Member State – he says – can offer effective and long-term solutions alone in the absence of a common strategy”. Not even “those who appear less financially vulnerable”.

As we know, Rome has very few budget spaces. In the meetings with her loyal ones in the Chamber, where she locked herself up all afternoon, the tables of the Nadef arrived on the table. Who certify margins of 10 billion in deficit to implement a new bill-cutting decree immediately, as soon as in office. Crumbs, however, compared to the German maxi-intervention that the ally Matteo Salvini immediately asked to replicate in Italy. But the deviation remains the last resort, they keep repeating from the FdI ranks, because the eyes of investors, markets and international partners are all focused on the economic choices that the new executive will make. And getting the first move wrong could cost you dearly. If that of energy is the first and most important dossier to be addressed (already the Sherpas would have made contact with Roberto Cingolani’s Mite to have an in-depth and updated picture of the situation also on the supply front), the other knot to be solved first remains that of the government team.

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On the agenda there is still a two-way meeting with Maurizio Lupi (“I have to see him”, assures Meloni), next week we will also have to meet again with Lega and Fi (probably also with Silvio Berlusconi) to fill in the boxes and arrive in front of the Chief of the State with a “high-level list, which will not disappoint you” ensures on social media in the early morning denying, once again, reconstructions of frictions and vetoes placed by the allies. “All lies”, Meloni dismisses them. And so does Matteo Salvini. The threats of external support are “nonsense”, says the Northern League leader who brings together his elected officials – Meloni will see them next week – and he is photographed smiling next to Giancarlo Giorgetti. “Salvini will be in government” says the minister of economic development that he may not be on the list of ministers of the center-right government. However, the Northern League’s pressing to return the Interior Ministry to Salvini remains. And it is one of the obstacles to overcome together with that, very delicate, of Daniele Franco’s successor in Economics. Among the appointments, the first that could instead be made, unless Draghi signs it, is that of the new CEO of the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics, the subject at the center of a long meeting with the president of the IOC. But Giorgia Meloni’s goal is, she underlines in a tweet, to “restore the future, vision and greatness to Italy”. There is also time to respond to the international congratulations from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, but also to the Israeli Likud, and to the president of Vox, who hopes that in Spain, as in Italy, the right will come to the government. Just what Joe Biden fears for the United States, so much so that he cites Italy as an example in a rally. Words that, not surprisingly, in Rome substantially fall on deaf ears.

There Northern League player Elena Murelli denies the reconstruction of possible external support for the League. “Salvini at the Ministry of the Interior has shown that he knows how to manage the situation, he has shown that things can change and we can do well. These doubts about him on the one hand can be consistent, on the other hand we think he has done very well. What is certain is that there must be someone from the League in terms of security, we have shown that we know how to manage it well. However, I deny the reconstruction that if the Minister of the Interior does not give Salvini there will only be external support “. Elena Murelli, senator of the League, said this on Radio Cusano Campus. In the Salvini-Meloni meeting “the government team was talked about in a very clear and collaborative way. I don’t see all the problems that are said only to attack us. Even in the electoral campaign we confronted the FDI on the budget gap, they are more cautious, but let’s try to understand the numbers first. starting from the territories, from our militants. We are strong where we administer. On the other hand, there are other territories where we have limited participation and we have lost votes there “. “Salvini’s leadership is not in question, he left the federal”.

And speaking of names, Guido Crosetto denies his possible involvement in the government on Twitter. “Guido I want you minister for the south, talk to Giorgia”: “As I’ve always said, I went out and I’m fine!”. It is the Twitter exchange between Guido Crosetto and one of his followers about the future government.

Source: Ansa

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