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the political class divided on the Dupond-Moretti case

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Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Romain Rouillard
7:32 p.m., October 03, 2022

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The Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, is referred to the Court of Justice of the Republic for “illegal taking of interests”. He is accused of having taken advantage of his position as a minister to settle accounts with a handful of magistrates. The majority wants to temporize while the opposition calls for his departure.

With the Alexis Kohler affair, another pebble slipped into Emmanuel Macron’s shoe. For the first time in history, a minister in office is referred to the CJR, the Court of Justice of the Republic. This is the Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupond-Moretti, accused of having taken advantage of his position to settle accounts with a few magistrates.

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Naturally, the question arises of his retention in government. The question embarrasses the macronie who does not wish to hinder the action of the said government but who, at the same time, calls for respect for the presumption of innocence. “Let justice work, there is a time for justice, a time for the media and it is not often consistent. Is the Minister of Justice still credible in his post? Yes, we let the justice to be done”, assures Prisca Thévenot, Renaissance deputy for Hauts-de-Seine.

“No legal reason for him to resign”

Already faced with such a situation, Emmanuel Macron has not always adopted the same strategy. If François Bayrou had been forced to leave the government in 2017, Éric Dupond-Moretti remained in office after his indictment in July 2021.

For the opposition, however, the position occupied by the former tenor of the courtrooms poses a problem in this case. “An indictment does not necessarily mean leaving the government, but the problem is that he is Minister of Justice. So a Minister of Justice who has a problem with justice, indeed, one could imagine that he step back and get out of the government”, pleads Sébastien Chenu, RN deputy from the North.

Éric Dupond-Moretti’s lawyers have indicated that they are appealing in cassation. “There is no legal reason for him to resign,” even asserts his lawyer Maître Ingrain.

Source: Europe1

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