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a turbulent return to parliament for deputies

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Alexis Delafontaine, edited by Yanis Darras
11:06 a.m., October 04, 2022

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The return to parliament will have been particularly eventful. The debates around the reform of unemployment insurance began on Monday. The oppositions, Nupes and National Rally (RN) in the lead, are fiercely opposed to the government’s project. A motion to dismiss was filed, but was unsuccessful.

It is a particularly eventful parliamentary return that the deputies have just experienced. The debates around the unemployment insurance reform were particularly lively on Monday evening. The text proposed by the government is a two-stage rocket. It initially plans to extend the rules of compensation, to which should be added a decree modulating the rights according to the economic situation.

Motion to dismiss

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Barely a few minutes after the opening of the session, the deputy Insoumis Hadrien Clouet tabled a motion of rejection prior to the reform. Even if this motion is not adopted thanks to the support of the Republicans in the majority. The big surprise is the common vote between the Nupes and the National Rally. “We felt that this motion of rejection was going in the right direction”, defends the deputy of the RN Bryan Masson at the microphone of Europe 1. And to add: “Besides, we have always said that we will vote for a motion of rejection which would go in the right direction. The government wants to force through on many subjects. So it is also time for the opposition to assert itself and express itself within the Assembly.

The start of a long week

Annoyed by the filing of this motion, the macronie did not hesitate to whistle the opposition. What irritate Mathilde Panot, president of the group La France insoumise in the Assembly, and who did not hesitate to bring to the aid of her colleague Sandrine Rousseau. “I note that when women speak in the hemicycle and in particular, when Madame Rousseau spoke in the hemicycle, there was a hubbub, especially from the majority. This sexism is not acceptable in the National Assembly”, she explained in front of the hemicycle.

Finally, the deputies decided to shorten the session after midnight. “We want to preserve ourselves for the next few days which will be more muscular”, confides a Macronist deputy at the exit.

Source: Europe1

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