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young RN deputies continue to demonize the party

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Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Yanis Darras
1:35 p.m., October 05, 2022

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The national gathering celebrates its 50th anniversary this Wednesday. A symbolic anniversary for young activists, who continue to emancipate themselves from the sulphurous past of the party. If everyone recognizes the contribution of Jean-Marie Le Pen in the history of the RN, the new generation continues its demonization.

It is a highly symbolic anniversary for the National Rally. The party, founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1972, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. But its founder has not been present in the party for several years, the fault of too many slippages. At the RN, everyone knows the history of the party and recognizes the contribution of Jean-Marie Le Pen. But all or almost all seek to emancipate themselves from it. The young generation of deputies seems more attracted by the popular and patriotic side of the party than by the sulphurous heritage of its founder. “Jean-Marie Le Pen had a way of acting of an era. It is no longer ours, it has evolved”, explains Kévin Mauvieux, RN deputy from the north.

Adaptation to society

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“Now it’s new faces who represent the national gathering and I’m part of it. We have adapted with society. Indeed, I think Jean-Marie Le Pen is the past. But he was useful in pointing out the phenomena of society”, adds the young politician of 31 years.

If the National Front has long been confined to the role of a protest party maintained by the virulent outbursts of the tribune Le Pen, the National Rally now says it is ready to govern. An evolution synonymous with victory for its founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who feels proud of a job well done.

“I dream of coming to power”

“The march was tough, but parties that last 50 years like the RN, it is already rare but in addition, it continues. I am still hoping for better results and I dream of coming to power “, he confides at the microphone of Europe 1.

Jean-Marie Le Pen should celebrate the 50th anniversary of the party in three weeks in the private domain of Montretout, in the Hauts-de-Seine. Marine Le Pen is organizing an event at the National Assembly this Thursday, without her father.

Source: Europe1

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