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EU does not seem prepared: migration researchers warn of “historic flight winter”

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The migration researcher Gerald Knaus expects a massive increase in the number of refugees in the coming months because of the Ukraine war.

“We are facing a historic winter of flight if the situation in Ukraine continues to deteriorate and the supply of heat and electricity does not work in winter because the Russian war of aggression destroys power plants or uses weapons of mass destruction,” Knaus told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “The EU would not be prepared for that now.”

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The Austrian sociologist, who lives in Berlin, criticized that those seeking protection from Ukraine were still very unequally distributed in Europe: “Countries like the Czech Republic and Poland bear the brunt, countries like France have taken in a fraction of the war refugees.”

More European solidarity is needed here. It is not only necessary between the states, but also large cities and municipalities have to build up a network in which the refugees can also be accepted in France or Italy.

“Private helpers have shown how it’s done: with transparency, information policy and solidarity,” said the chairman of the European Stability Initiative think tank.

“This is the only way to manage this historic reception performance of refugees from Ukraine over the winter.” (epd)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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