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The Government takes shape, Giorgetti goes up for Tesoro

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At the Lega the presidency of the Chamber, with Lorenzo Fontana new candidate, and five or six ministries, among which in the end it seems that there will be that of the Economy, with Giancarlo Giorgetti who also receives the direct endorsement of Giorgia Meloni (“I think he would be an excellent minister of the Economy”, says).

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Forza Italia has four seats, including the Farnesina, destined for Antonio Tajani, but not Justice, nor a role in the government for Licia Ronzulli.
Giorgia Meloni comes out of the most tense phase of the negotiations on the executive that will come with a reinforced ally, Matteo Salvini (towards Infrastructures), and a downsized one, Silvio Berlusconi. The desire to negotiate again with the Knight, sources close to the premier in pectore say, is zero after the choice of the Azzurri not to support Ignazio La Russa in the election that led him to the top of the Senate. And now he wants to go “forward like a train to make a strong government”.
The list of ministers begins to take shape. The goal is to face the consultations next week with clear ideas, towards the office that the President of the Republic, according to reasoning in the majority circles, could confer on her. also Thursday 20 October, while Mario Draghi will be engaged at the European Council in Brussels.
For now, the division of ministries and some key names are basically defined. FdI seems willing to keep close, among others, Defense (Adolfo Urso the strong name), Justice (Carlo Nordio), Mise, European Affairs (Raffaele Fitto), as well as Education and Culture, for which there is also talk of Fabio Rampelli. Two technicians could be chosen for Work and Health. A scheme to be completed in the coming days, as Meloni intended to do, proposing to proceed first with the election of the presidents of the chambers. The method did not appeal to the allies, and in the end it rewarded one more than the other.

With FI the fracture was consummated in the early morning meeting, when Meloni reiterated the veto on Ronzulli to the former prime minister, the loyal Cavaliere who asked for tourism, European policies or equal opportunities and the family in order of satisfaction. In the notes with which Berlusconi presented himself in the Senate there were also Tajani to Foreign Affairs, Elisabetta Casellati to Justice, Anna Maria Bernini to University, Maurizio Gasparri to Public Administration, as well as ministries for Alessandro Cattaneo and Gilberto Pichetto, and even, the ministry of the South indicated with the name of the former blue Mara Carfagna in brackets.
In the end, after the break in the Senate, the negotiation ended with an epilogue that leaves the Azzurri decidedly unhappy: the roles for Tajani and Bernini should be confirmed, with Casellati at the PA and Pichetto at the ecological transition. While Berlusconi expressed his disappointment in the Senate, in the Meloni Chamber he used definitive tones: “I intend to give this nation, if I have the opportunity, an authoritative government. I do not intend to stop at secondary issues”.
Except for second thoughts in the coming days, the impossibility of having recourse to a first-rate technician pushes her to focus on a politician for the Mef, namely Giorgetti, who in these days would also have toyed with the idea of ​​the presidency of the Chamber.
The League has convinced itself to accept a chair that is as crucial as it is potentially uncomfortable. But the idea of ​​the Northern League is to pass it off almost as a technical choice, also trying to get one of the two deputy ministers of the Economy, Massimo Bitonci, while the other would be Maurizio Leo of FdI. Giorgetti left the decision to Salvini, who in the meantime decided to focus on Fontana for the presidency of the Chamber, asking Riccardo Molinari – hitherto considered the favorite – to continue as group leader in Montecitorio. The League could also touch Regional Affairs (Erika Stefani), Agriculture (Gian Marco Centinaio) and Family (Alessandra Locatelli). In addition to the interiors, with a technician such as the prefect Matteo Piantedosi, formerly head of the cabinet at the Viminale with Salvini.

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Source: Ansa

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