Students against the rave decree, “so repression in schools”

The squeeze on rave parties, envisaged by the new Meloni government with a decree, continues to disturb the sleep of young Italians and students in particular who fear that the measures can also be applied to pickets, occupations of classrooms and schools and various forms of dissent.

Above all, what the students call ‘the vagueness of the text’ creates controversy: “the forces of order are given a repressive tool that goes far beyond the so-called raves“, accuses Luca Ianniello, for the Network of middle students. Anita Maglio, of the Union of Students of Campania, also believes that the formulation of the provision is” so broad and generic that it is clear that schools, like squares and streets , fall into this case and therefore for the students there will be a further risk of criminal sanctions if they occupy and legitimately manifest their dissent in the schools, especially in this period in which the institutions will be increasingly privatized and closed to the protagonism of the students “.

“It is no coincidence – observes Alice Beccari of the UDS – that the law comes after the occupation of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Sapienza: when the premier showed sympathy for the young people who would have protested against her government and at the same time the students della Sapienza were repressed with violence by the police. The right to strike and to demonstrate is a sanctioned by the Constitution and as such must be safeguarded, but from the Meloni government there is already clear the will of a tight grip that affects not only the students everyone, but every social part that fights against this system every day. We will not be intimidated, November 18th we will be in the square without any fear of your repression! “.

Fabio Roscani is of a completely different opinion, president of National Youth, a youth movement that closely collaborates with the party and community of the Brothers of Italy. “Minister Bernini – he points out – has made it clear that the rule will not concern schools and universities. Those who continue to argue the contrary are fueling a specious controversy. The invasion of buildings is already punished, the anti-rave rule only circumvents it”. Rather, the exponent of National Youth points out that “the last time in Italy we saw the dissent of young people who wanted to demonstrate peacefully suppressed, there was a Minister of the Interior and a government supported by the left, which using the Anticovid measures issued circulars that prevented the demonstrations, despite the fact that the covid emergency had been declared over “

Source: Ansa

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