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Intermediate targets set: EU Commission calls for higher German gas reserves for February

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The EU Commission is specifying new storage levels for natural gas for the coming year, and Germany is also affected. The Brussels authority set the interim targets for gas reserves in the EU for 2023 on Thursday.

According to this, Germany must reach a storage level of 45 percent by February 1st. So far, German law has stipulated a minimum memory level of 40 percent. The goal of the EU Commission is mandatory. However, there is a margin of five percentage points. Only then would the Commission step in to secure supplies.

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The federal government would therefore not have to fear any consequences. It was initially unclear whether the federal government wanted to change the German law to meet the new requirements.

Numerous pipes run along a technical system for the compression of natural gas on the premises of the Rehden natural gas storage facility of astora GmbH.
© Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa

The Commission also stipulates that German storage facilities must be 10 percent full by May 1st, 30 percent by the beginning of July and 65 percent by the beginning of September. The aim of the interim status is to secure the supply in winter 2023/2024.

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Because of the war in Ukraine, the EU had passed a law that required the reservoirs to be 90 percent full by November 1st. The filling levels are to be checked by the federal states and the Commission over the course of the year. Individual milestones are prescribed for each country.

In Germany, the Energy Industry Act stipulates that the storage tanks must be at 80 percent by October 1st, 90 percent by November 1st and 40 percent by February 1st.

The specifications apply to each individual memory. According to the Federal Network Agency for Wednesday, the total fill level was more than 99 percent. (dpa)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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