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Minister announces deepfake law: Great Britain wants to punish manipulated intimate recordings

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The distribution of pornographic fake content, in which people are supposedly shown in an intimate way by means of image manipulation, is to become a criminal offense in Great Britain in the future.

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“We must do more to protect women and girls from people taking intimate photos or manipulating them in order to humiliate them,” said Justice Secretary Dominic Raab, who announced the law change on Friday. Police and prosecutors should be given the necessary powers to hold those responsible to account and prevent such abuses.

According to official figures, one in 14 adults in England and Wales has already been threatened with sharing intimate photos of the person. The reform, which is designed as part of a so-called online security law, is also intended to criminalize the making of intimate recordings without consent – such as the installation of hidden cameras.

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According to the information, the measures take into account the concern that deepfakes are increasingly being created with the help of special software. Images – often of a pornographic nature – are fused and manipulated with recordings of a specific person in such a way that they look authentic.

According to a government statement, a website on which “women are virtually undressed” received 38 million hits over a period of eight months last year. (dpa)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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