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Fabien Roussel wants Macron to go to Qatar with “an LGBT armband”

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Yanis Darras
08:29, November 29, 2022modified to

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9:20 a.m., November 29, 2022

The deputy from the North and secretary general of the PCF was the guest of Europe 1 this Tuesday morning. At the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk, the elected communist returned to the World Cup in Qatar, which is particularly controversial. The former 2022 presidential candidate calls on Emmanuel Macron to show courage and attend a Blues match with an LGBT armband.

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The Blues lead the dance in Qatar. After a first victory 4 goals to 1 against Australia, then 2 to 1 against Denmark, the French team settles permanently in the landscape of the 2022 World Cup. They thus join the controversies, which are also very present during the competition.

Asked about the question this Tuesday morning, Fabien Roussel, specially dressed in a T-shirt from the French football team bearing the motto of France “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, gives a red card to FIFA. “If the organization gives a yellow card to teams that come with an LGBT armband, which is completely shameful on FIFA’s part, then we can give them a red card by wearing my t-shirt. Who could ban the French team to carry the values ​​of the Republic and make the word “freedom” resonate in the stadiums of Qatar? he wonders.

“Shameful links” with Qatar

Because for the secretary general of the French Communist Party (PCF), sport is intimately political. An opinion that diverges from that of Emmanuel Macron, who called for no politics in sport. “I remind you that Qatar is the only country in France with which France has established a tax treaty allowing it to be exempt on capital gains on real estate. Qatar is the fifth country to which France sells the most weapons. There are close ties between France and Qatar, shameful ties”, denounces Fabien Roussel at the microphone of Europe 1.

“We give a lot of lessons on human rights and yet we are very compromised with this country”, he continues. So, the deputy from the North offers Emmanuel Macron “to have the courage to express the values ​​that we hold”. “Whether the President of the Republic goes to Qatar to see a match of the French team with the LGBT armband or to have an LGBT pin on his jacket, may he have that courage. And there, we will see if he actually wears these values ​​all the way”, concludes Fabien Roussel.

Source: Europe1

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