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No self-criticism: Scholz draws a positive balance after one year as chancellor

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A year after taking office, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has drawn a positive balance of the government he has led. “Of course, this year was first and foremost shaped by Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine,” said Scholz in his weekly video message “Kanzler compact” on Saturday.

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“Every day we see the destruction. Every day we follow how many people fall victim to Russian bombs. And that’s why it was right that we support Ukraine, financially, humanitarianly and also with weapons,” said the Chancellor.

And further: “But we have not neglected the tasks that arise for the cohesion of our society.”

Billions in packages for energy and the Bundeswehr

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The relief packages from his government totaled almost 100 billion euros, said Scholz. “And we have mobilized 200 billion euros to ensure that electricity prices, gas prices and district heating prices don’t go through the roof this year, next year and the year after that.”

His goal is “that our economy remains stable and that the citizens, that our country can get through this crisis together”.

In the video speech, Scholz listed a number of innovations that his government had implemented: the 100 billion special fund for the Bundeswehr, the increase in the minimum wage to twelve euros and increases in child benefit, housing benefit and child allowance.

Renewable energies have been promoted

Another goal was “that Germany can operate in a climate-neutral manner”. Therefore, a number of laws have been passed to promote renewable energies. At the same time, in order to mitigate the consequences of the war on the gas supply, liquid gas terminals were built on the coasts and the gas storage tanks were filled.

In his message, the Chancellor refrained from making self-critical statements about the government anniversary.

Majority of Germans severely disappointed by traffic lights

The population has a different opinion than the Chancellor, at least according to a recent survey by “Spiegel”. 61 percent give the traffic light a bad report. 45 percent even classify the work of the government as “very negative”. Only 29 percent are satisfied.

The government made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP started its work almost a year ago under the motto “dare more progress”. Scholz took his oath of office as Federal Chancellor on December 8th. After the initial enthusiasm, there was a crunch between the three parties – especially from the FDP after their poor performance in state elections, critical voices came to cooperation.

In order to settle the dispute over the continued operation of the remaining nuclear power plants, Scholz officially made use of his directive authority as chancellor. (AFP/dpa/Tsp)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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