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the majority is betting on the left to push through its bill

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Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Ophelie Artaud
10:48 a.m., December 06, 2022

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Since Monday, the National Assembly has been examining the bill on renewable energies, in a context of maintenance of nuclear reactors and the risk of power cuts this winter. The executive’s objective is to diversify production through solar and wind power. And to pass the amendments, he is counting on the left and environmentalists.

In the National Assembly, at the opening of the debates on Monday on renewable energies, the majority is heading to the left to pass its text. This bill, examined in a particular context of nuclear reactors whose maintenance drags on, leaving the threat of power cuts this winter. In the meantime, the executive is betting on solar and wind power to diversify and support production. Objective: multiply by ten the energy produced by photovoltaic panels and deploy 50 wind farms at sea. This time, the government is counting on the left and environmentalists.

Search for compromise

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Without 49.3, the executive is seeking as much compromise as possible, as Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister for Energy Transition, implies. “I am confident that, from left to right, in this hemicycle, among the many good wills who sit there, we will also be able to agree on the essentials.”

The government has notably agreed, as the Greens wanted, to make maximum use of already artificialized areas to install solar panels such as roofs or car parks. On the right, RN deputies from rural areas will not vote for the text, as will some of the Republicans, who demand in particular the removal of wind turbines at sea, more than 40 kilometers from the coast.

3,000 amendments to study

“You must hear our arguments and not cross those red lines. Otherwise, you would take responsibility for the anger of the French who realize the impasse in which our country is plunged by such policies motivated by an ideology which has already led us to failure”, claimed Emmanuel Maquet, LR deputy for the Somme. The deputies have two weeks to examine the text, the time to study the 3,000 amendments tabled by the various groups.

Source: Europe1

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