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Right-wing coup plans: the state has looked into the abyss

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A “system change” was planned, say the investigators. The word sounds almost too academic given the facts. In fact, the Republic has “looked into an abyss of terrorist threats,” as Interior Minister Nancy Faeser says. And she’s still watching.

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That’s not an exaggeration. Because by far not all “Reich citizens” and completely unconventional thinkers identify themselves. There are said to be 21,000 in the country – as is well known, only those in the dark cannot be seen. There is still a lot to be clarified. A lot can still come here. Also in arrests.

It is worrying where other helpers and supporters should be found, in special units of the Bundeswehr, possibly in the police. Security agencies will therefore do well not to rest until the network is exposed.

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What the revolutionaries had already planned: A monarchical form of government instead of democracy and even those responsible for the individual departments were certain. It should be people with influential positions in social or financially strong areas of public life, which means they come from the middle of society.

But: The rule of law has shown itself to be defensive against the far right and enemies of democracy. The security authorities – the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and criminal investigation departments of the federal and state governments – are vigilant and work together, well indeed, very effectively. The large nationwide raid involving 3,000 police officers has not been revealed. So it turned out to be a hit.

At least that’s reassuring. The overall picture of the network, however, is not. The exchange with the judiciary will probably have to be intensified again. Investigative procedures should quickly lead to a result.

The view into the abyss has not yet shown how deep it is. Finding that out is the priority. For the next shot.

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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