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    Annick Girardin denounces the “bad will” of the United Kingdom

    Nina Droff with Manon Fossat
    12:43 p.m., October 28, 2021, modified at

    12:53 p.m., October 28, 2021

    If no progress is made by early November, Paris has decided to “ban the landing of British seafood” in France and the establishment of “systematic customs and sanitary controls on landed products”. On Europe Midi Thursday, the Minister of the Sea, Annick Girardin denounced the “unwillingness” of the United Kingdom “to work on French issues”.


    Ban on disembarkation “, increased customs controls: the decision fell. France announced the entry into force next Tuesday of the first retaliatory measures against the Channel Islands and London, which deemed them” disappointing “and” disproportionate ” in relation to the conflict between them on the number of licenses granted to French fishermen after Brexit. Government spokesman Gabriel Attal also spoke of a gradual response, with a possible “second series of measures”, “in particular of energy measures which relate to the supply of electricity for the Channel Islands “.

    “The United Kingdom does not assume its signature”

    These sanctions were implemented from the night of Wednesday to Thursday with the verbalization of two British ships in the Channel. The first boat was fined for obstructing controls and the second because it was not on the list of licensed vessels. Guest of Europe Noon Thursday, Annick Girardin, Minister of the Sea denounced the “bad will” of the United Kingdom.

    “On the evening of the acceptance of this agreement concerning fishing, the President of the Republic recalled that we would be alongside the fishermen to defend their interests and support them with a plan of 100 million euros. For nine months, Clément Beaune and I are working with professionals and elected officials from all the territories to obtain the licenses. It concerns Hauts-de-France, Normandy and Brittany. We are still waiting and the account is not there. deadline and there is an emergency because people have not been able to go fishing for months, ”she said.

    While Jean Castex has left the door open to new discussions if Great Britain respects its commitments, Annick Girardin, for her part, considered that the United Kingdom does not assume its signature. “There is a reluctance to work on French issues,” continued the minister. “Today we say stop.”

    A press release from the French Ministry of the Sea and the Secretariat for European Affairs precisely specified the measures Wednesday evening: “ban on landing British fishing vessels in designated ports”, that is to say the six French ports where the disembarkation is currently taking place, as well as a “strengthening of sanitary, customs and safety controls” of British ships. Finally, a measure goes even further, announcing a particular zeal in the “controls of lorries to and from the United Kingdom”, whatever their cargo.


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