summit meeting amid disagreements

Alexis Delafontaine
06:22, January 28, 2023

Gathered in Marseilles, the executives of the Socialist Party take part in three days of congress. A rally against a backdrop of disagreements around the new face of the party, Olivier Faure being recognized as the winner against a Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol who still denies the results. But how to set the political line for this coming year in such a context?

The members of the Socialist Party arrived this Friday in Marseilles for three days of congress. An event which must define the contours of the new direction of the party. Indeed, Olivier Faure was recognized as the winner after the counting of the votes, against Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. But the atmosphere remains tense, after the disagreements around the new face of the party. This congress will be “bloody”, warns a socialist deputy.

So Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, who is still contesting the results, sees only two possible solutions. “In Marseille, it can be the worst as the best of things,” said the candidate for the post of general secretary of the party. “The worst thing, what would it be? The coup de force, the fracture and honestly, it would probably be the last nail in the coffin. Or we manage to come together and then I think all the activists will be happy to see that we manage to bring things together.”

A helping hand to opponents for Olivier Faure

But his message is not heard by Olivier Faure, who considers having won this election. The newly elected First Secretary now wants to take advantage of this congress to reach out to his opponents. “I am committed to ensuring that all those who find themselves in the line that we are going to pursue can find their place and that those who do not share it are also respected”, maintained Olivier Faure.

“Because it is a great democratic party. It is absolutely essential that everyone feels comfortable, respected in what they think,” he continued. According to our information, an arrangement could take place during the day. But not sure, however, that this eases tensions.

Source: Europe1

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