Lazio: first candidate debate, sparks on health care

Perched in their positions, they propose the warhorses of the electoral campaign, but they also exchange a few broadsides and they are sparks on health care, differentiated autonomy, Rome’s waste-to-energy plant. It was broadcast on Rai 3 the first debate between the main candidates for the presidency of the Lazio Region. In Lucia Annunziata’s studio they confronted each other Donatella Bianchi of the M5s, Alessio D’Amato of the centre-left and Francesco Rocca of the centre-right.

And the the main topic of conflict is that of health, starting with Covid, which D’Amato claims as “a role model that saved lives”. Rocca minimizes: “A choral work, not by one man” while Bianchi makes a distinction: “Covid and hospitals are two different conditions”. D’Amato doesn’t agree: the “essential levels of assistance and the National Outcomes Plan” say that health care has improved. “The service shines for the staff, but healthcare is disastrous” Bianchi says. “Everything is not going well – reacts D’Amato – but representing a disaster is not correct”. Rocca plays the card of hospitals that “still use the fax” and D’Amato rebuffs him: “It’s not true, there is a digital system called Advice: it’s a theater performance. You have made the biggest debt and the lowest compliance”. Bianchi intervenes: “The debt? Generated by both the left and the right”.

“But it’s not like that” D’Amato snaps next to her. Rocca intervenes: “The Court of Auditors in 2009 ascertained that Storace did not commit crimes, the years of greatest debt were 2006 and 2007”. “And in fact – ironizes D’Amato – we left the commissioner. And you left Sant’Andrea with a deficit of 80 million”. “Because it was a startup – replies the former head of the CRI – I knew how to spend all the money”. Tempers heat up: “Yes, and you also have a record of temporary work” attacks D’Amato, and the other: “He says things that he doesn’t understand”. “I understand very well – he replies – Until a few months ago you were the head of a private health association”. “You’re throwing the ball into the stands. You’ve raised private spending by half a billion and are you talking?” “And you are controlled and controller.”

Where, on the other hand, D’Amato and Bianchi seem aligned is the no to Calderoli’s autonomy: “Lazio will be in Serie B” says one, while for the other it is “a wicked proposal”. “But in 2018 – Rocca intervenes – you voted together in the Region for differentiated autonomy”. “It wasn’t the same project” the other two reply almost in chorus. “It’s the project of a political party” Rocca argues, and D’Amato: “It’s a minister’s: tell that to the League”. Finally, the waste-to-energy plant: D’Amato defends it: “The waste cycle must be closed, there has been a historic lobby in favor of landfills”. And Bianchi, contrary: “Europe will tax us”. Rocca takes it out on the mayor-commissioner Gualtieri: “Yes to the plant, but how will it solve the Ardeatina traffic? With the M5s in the Campidoglio, the differentiated waste collection has decreased”. And Bianchi: “Ispra says the opposite, but there were other problems, such as the plants that caught fire”.

Source: Ansa

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