Calderoli brings autonomy to the CDM, the opposition attacks

For those who have been pursuing differentiated autonomy for years, such as the Northern League governor of Veneto Luca Zaia, Thursday will be “a historic day”. For your colleague from Campania, Vincent DeLucainstead “the country is at risk”.

The bill defined by the Minister for Regional Affairs Roberto Calderoli is a battleground between the majority and the opposition. And in the center-right it is above all the League that is preparing to celebrate the approval of the text in the Council of Ministers, twenty days from the Regionals in Lazio and Lombardy, one of the three regions that have already started the process to obtain functions performed so far by the State. Even if, as far as we know, only a preliminary approval is foreseen, which will be followed by a further examination in a subsequent CDM.

According to bill of 10 items, the attribution of the functions can take place only after the determination of the essential levels of services, the Lep defined with the Prime Minister’s Decree, within a year as envisaged by the latest budget law. The process for the agreement between the Region (also with special statute) and the State will last at least 5 months, including the 60 days for the examination of the Chambers. According to Calderoli’s draft, the commissions should have been expressed, but among the “touch-ups” decided in the technical meeting in preparation for the Council of Ministers – it seems also on the input of Giorgia Meloni – one should opt for a policy act voted in the Chamber. agreements last up to 10 years: they can be renewed or terminated earlier, with notice (of the State or Region) extended from 6 to 12 months, to avoid misalignments with the school year, with reference to subjects relating to education. Equalization measures are also envisaged to avoid economic imbalances between the Regions that adhere to differentiated autonomy and those that do not. It is the risk that the premier wants to avoid. “We do not resign ourselves to the idea that there are territories and services of Serie A and B”, her words yesterday, received with a minimum of irritation by the League, a few hours before the draft was issued to the ministers.

Autonomy “will improve” the country and “is convenient for everyone, the municipalities of central and southern Italy would earn more”, he assures Matthew Salvini. “The Regions will have more resources and more powers with autonomy, to manage essential services for citizens, starting of course with health care – commented Silvio Berlusconi -. Every year 200,000 citizens travel to Lombardy from other Regions for surgery Therefore, we must ensure that everyone has the highest quality healthcare”. From Forza Italia they underline that “the proposed contents have been implemented”. At the same time, among the Azzurri, however, it is underlined that the definition of the Lep will not be easy, and risks taking longer than the approval of the law, expected by the end of 2023, if the CDM gives the expected go-ahead . “No prejudice on differentiated autonomy, which is a possibility offered by the Constitution to the Regions. But – the governor of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto always points out from FI – the obligations that our fundamental Charter places on the State with regard to the definition of standard requirements”.

Only criticisms come from the oppositions, above all for the choice to discuss the bill before the Lep are there, to entrust their definition to the Prime Minister, as well as not to allow Parliament to participate in the definition of the agreements. “Article 8 confirms all our suspicions – attacks the dem Francesco Boccia -: from the application of the bill ‘no new or greater burdens on public finance arise’. It is proof that they do not invest a cent to reduce inequalities” . “It is a slap in the face to the citizens of the South and risks being a mockery of those of the North”, according to Mara Carfagna (Azione): “Either in the absence of determination by the Lep, autonomy will not be implemented or it will be achieved without a single Lep is funded”. Mario Turco, of the M5s, asks that “the government stop: it is first necessary to fill the gaps in the country”. “Free hand to the northern regions and penalization of those of the south”, is the summary Peppe De Cristofaro (Avs).

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