“You are in a bad position”, Olivier Dussopt challenged in the Assembly by a Nupes deputy

Will the government hear the protesters’ demands? Elisabeth Borne spoke to the Macronist deputies on Tuesday afternoon. The Prime Minister assured that “the majority will be united” on the pension reform. A little later, it was the Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt, who was on the grill at the Assembly. On the spot, he answered to the deputy Nupes Pierre DharĂ©ville who claims the abandonment of the bill.

Without this reform, the “system would be in deficit”

“Mr. Minister, tough day for you. If we look at the situation a little coldly, with a little perspective, you are in a bad position. The country is in the street even stronger (Tuesday). We must measure the extent anger. And now we must write the scenario of the withdrawal of the abandonment of this reform which is clearly legitimate”, declared the deputy Nupes.

“You tell me ‘write the scenario of the withdrawal’, but you know, the scenario of the withdrawal, we know it”, answers Olivier Dussopt. “If we withdraw this reform, the system would be in deficit, it would collapse. And the average level of pensions for retirees would drop by 20%, as indicated in the pension orientation council. This is the reason for which we are carrying out this reform, to balance the system, to ensure that it is sustainable and that it happens as fairly as possible”, concludes the Minister of Labour.

For their part, the unions have called for new days of mobilization, on Tuesday 7 and Saturday 11 February.

Source: Europe1

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