After the pension reform, the immigration bill invites itself into the debate

Jacques Serais, edited by Yanis Darras
11:13 a.m., February 01, 2023

The immigration bill is presented this Wednesday to the Council of Ministers. An important moment for the executive, which expects to hold heated debates in Parliament around the project. In relative majority, Renaissance will not be able to count on the left and will have to ally with the Republicans to pass the text. But the latter consider it too weak.

After the pension reform last week, another highly inflammable text will be presented this Wednesday by the government during the Council of Ministers: the immigration bill. The latter will be debated in the Assembly in May, after examination in the Senate. But as with his pension reform project, the arrival of this text in Parliament promises cold sweats for Macronie.

A “at the same time” difficult to hold

Because there too the executive is not at all assured of obtaining a majority of votes. With a relative majority in the National Assembly, everything again depends on the vote of the Republican deputies. But in the right-wing party, the idea of ​​voting for this bill is still far from over. “I will vote against this text” has already indicated the boss of the Republicans Éric Ciotti, to the great despair of the government.

But this project underlines the difficulty for Emmanuel Macron to continue to play the “at the same time” card, as during the previous five-year term. Because the tightening of the rules for the expulsion of foreigners in an irregular situation provided for by this bill frightens the left but is considered insufficient by the right.

An interior minister ready to give in to the Republicans

As for the establishment of a residence permit “jobs in tension” for undocumented workers supposed to reassure the Nupes. But Republicans see it as the specter of massive regularization. The balance seems impossible to find, and the exercise leads the executive straight to failure, unless a new 49.3 is activated.

To avoid coming to this, according to our information, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin is ready to accede to a large part of the demands of the Republicans.

Source: Europe1

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