This winter: students are to receive a flat-rate energy price

The Federal Ministry of Education has promised an early payment to students who are still waiting for help to cushion the high energy costs.

The 200 euros would be paid “this winter”, said a spokesman for Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP) on Wednesday in Berlin. When asked by a journalist, he dated the end of winter as “March, April”.

The federal government had first paid all citizens subject to income tax, and later also pensioners, an energy price flat rate of 300 euros.

In December, a grant of 200 euros was also decided for students. The Federal Council agreed despite criticism. At that time, the federal states were already worried that the payment would not work smoothly because the necessary structures were missing.

Legal hurdles still have to be cleared, said the spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Education. The way to payout is complicated, he admitted.

At the same time, he was convinced that it would soon be possible. In the meantime, alleged students and technical school students regularly make fun of the fact that the lump sum has not yet been paid out on social networks. (epd)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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