Cospito, Nordio in Parliament. New Fdi-Pd clash, tussle in the Chamber. Meloni locks down his people

Accused of silence on her lieutenants, Giovanni Donzelli in the foreground, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni responds late in the evening on the Cospito case. “I would like it to be clear that the challenge is not the government, the challenge is the state and the State concerns us all, it is not a political issue, of left and right”. he did nothing but do his job, not raise his tone”.

Heated debate in the House and Senate halls with the oppositions who continue to ask for the resignation of Donzelli and Delmastro. New tussle in the Chamber after the declarations of Balboni (Fdi).“Donzelli’s statements on the link between the mafia and terrorism of which Cospito is an exponent are evident to any person with common sense. Does anyone have any doubts that the mafia crept into a breach that you helped to open? By going to prison you opened a chasm to the mafia”. This was stated by Fdi senator Alberto Balboni, in the Senate chamber after Nordio’s briefing and addressing the opposition benches. The opposition asked for the senator’s attacks on the center-left to be censored, but faced with the fact that President La Russa demanded that everyone be able to intervene, they stood up to leave the Chamber in protest.

Never questioned the institution of 41 bis. said the minister Carlo Nordio in his information first to the Chamber and then to the Senate on the case of Alfredo Cospito. “The possibility of changing this legislation is non-existent“. “We will not stand behind the judiciary of Rome, to say that we wash our hands of it and respond only to the outcome of that investigation by the prosecutor, but there are procedural limits that must be respected”. This was stated by the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio speaking of the case that arose from the intervention yesterday in the Chamber by the deputy of FdI Donzelli. The minister also reported that “as soon as the investigation into what happened is completed”, entrusted to his cabinet chief, he will report “in the appropriate forums, even here”.

Alfredo Cospito is at 41 bis on the basis of an investigation which revealed that “the prisoner has demonstrated that he is perfectly able to connect with the outside world even while in constant detention”. The head of justice said. “The legal position of the Cospito prisoner is complex”, recalling that the opinion of the judicial authority is necessary for the revocation of the 41bis.

On the 41 bis of Cospito “it is the prevailing opinion that the minister cannot pronounce himself before having acquired the opinions of the competent judicial authorities”. He precised.

Cospito, can Minister Nordio revoke 41 bis? ‘Yes’, only legal solution’

“The Pg of Turin let us know by telephone that he is not able to send us his opinion today but tomorrowso today I am unable to answer the question” on the request for revocation of the 41bis made to the ministry by the defense of Alfredo Cospito, said the minister. In fact, the ministry awaits the opinions of the prosecutor proceeding on the merits against Cospito and the DNA .

“We would open a dam to a whole series of pressures from prisoners who are in the same state” of detention if Cospito’s “state of health” ended up being a conditioning in the easing of the
said the minister on the Cospito case. “The state of health of a prisoner cannot constitute an element of pressure” on the government, added the minister. 41bis,

All the deeds referable to prisoners under 41 bis are by their nature sensitive. This is why for the purposes of an exposition a prior verification is required“. added Nordio. “The deeds concerning prisoners under Article 41 bis are generally of a sensitive nature. “Starting from this data, however, there are a plurality of aspects that deserve further investigation: we need to see what type of documents they are dealing with, what level of secrecy they have, if and who could have knowledge of them and if the recipient could disclose them and share them with third parties” .

Applause from the centre-right in the chamber of the Chamber when Justice Minister Carlo Nordio said that a prisoner’s state of health cannot be used to put pressure on the state.

THE DEBATE. The leader of the Pd Deborah Serracchiani he reiterated in the chamber of the Chamber the request to the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio to immediately revoke the powers of the Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro given that “he himself angelicly admitted that he had given the confidential wiretaps on the talks in prison between the anarchist Andrea Cospito and two mafia bosses, to the FdI deputy Giovanni Donzelli. We will file a motion of censure against Delmastro ‘.” extremely serious which also jeopardized the investigations and checks in prison” declares Serracchiani while the deputies of the Democratic Party give her a stranding ovation in the Chamber. “I’m really sorry that Giorgia Meloni is pretending nothing happened. The events that took place yesterday in this Chamber are serious and if he does not feel the need to intervene, it means that he has approved or at least tolerated what happened yesterday” Serracchiani points out who assures that after the accusations by Giovanni Donzelli (FdI) made in the Chamber of Montecitorio against the Dems on the Cospito case “the relations between the majority and the opposition have been undermined”. “The Democratic Party has never questioned the 41 bis” says the leader of the Democratic Party, but we went to visit Cospito “for reasons of humanity” given that the prisoner has been on hunger strike for over 100 days.

“The Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio is “a minister who does not even assume responsibility for qualifying the nature of this information, a minister who cannot even shield himself from the fact that the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office has been referred to the matter, because he of the supervisory duties on this information heritage which do not fail because there is now an investigation by the Rome prosecutor’s office”. The leader of the M5S Joseph Conte thus responding to the question of why the Movement accused the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio of “reticence” regarding the confidential wiretapping disclosed yesterday in the Chamber by FdI deputy Giovanni Donzelli. “The M5S has just presented a motion of censure against Undersecretary Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove to ask for his immediate removal from office”. He announces it the M5S President Giuseppe Conte.

“You can’t have a discussion about 41 bis while they blow up cars and attack journalists. 41 bis saved the country. It was the great victory of politics against the mafia”. The leader of IV said speaking in the Senate Chamber, Matteo Renzi during the debate on the Cospito case.

Senator Scarpinato is tough against Minister Nordio. “Minister, you don’t have the authority and political strength to do the only thing you should have done: call Undersecretary Delmastro and ask for his resignation. We have a problem, Mr. Minister: you are unable to perform your duties and should consider resigning”. This was stated by the M5s senator, Roberto Scarpinato iin the Senate hall, addressing Minister Nordio after the latter’s communications on the Cospito affair and on the Delmastro-Donzelli affair. Then comes Renzi’s reply. “Senator Scarpinato began his speech by giving me the cheek because he felt called into question on the passage of my speech in which I said that some magistrates on an alleged State-Mafia negotiation have built a career first in the judiciary and then in politics, it is recorded that I was referring precisely to Scarpinato. Before coming to give the cheek, explain his strange acquaintances with Palamara and his crazy attitude in the country’s institutions, as president emeritus Napolitano knows well. Shame on Scarpinato”. Matteo Renzi affirmed it in the Senate chamber, replying to Scarpinato.

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