Cospito, Cucchi in prison: ‘Alarming conditions’. Letta: ‘Fdi lynching against us’

“I found Alfredo Cospito’s condition alarming to say the least and it gets worse day by day and hour by hour. The thing that worries me the most is that he has no intention of interrupting the hunger strike, for him it is a political struggle”. Ilaria Cucchi on leaving the Milan Opera prison where he met the anarchist Alfredo Cospito. “The first thing he told me was that he no longer wants to meet any politician. I am the last one he will meet and he met me only and exclusively for my story, for what I represent. This is why I came here today. My brother died in prison and no one must ever die in prison again” said Cucchi: “I have asked him several times how he is, if he is able to carry on and if he has the strength. He has asked me several times not to be interested in him thinking about the sick elderly prisoners who are in 41 bis”.

Cospito, Ilaria Cucchi after the meeting: ‘Conditions that are nothing short of alarming’


“Our deputies are under deliberate lynching by FdI deputies vhe will answer for their calumnies in the appropriate forums. Slanders that do not affect our historic position in favor of the 41bis. The Head of Government continues to remain silent, and therefore agrees?” The outgoing secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta wrote on twitter.

“In the next few hours, the Democrats will present lawsuits and a request for compensation for damages against the undersecretary Delmastro Delle Vedove and Giovanni Donzelli for the serious statements, repeatedly made by them in various contexts, defamatory and harmful to the reputation of the Pd parliamentarians and seriously offensive to history and the commitment of a political force which has had and continues to have the fight against organized crime and all forms of terrorism as its founding value”. The news was given by the parliamentary groups of the Chamber and Senate who have convened an extraordinary meeting.
“What happened is of unprecedented gravity. The Prime Minister’s party is really writing the blackest page of this political season. Giorgia Meloni cannot play two parts in comedy, on the one hand the Prime Minister who calls for state unity against violence and threats and on the other hand the party leader who, continuing to remain silent, shows that he approves and shares this unprecedented attack on the main opposition party, a fact for which he will assume all political responsibility”. Chamber, Malpezzi leader of the Pd group in the Senate and all Dem MPs. defamatory and detrimental to the honor of the Pd parliamentarians and seriously offensive to history and i commitment of a political force that has had and continues to have the fight against organized crime and all forms of terrorism as its founding value”. The news was given by the parliamentary groups of the Chamber and Senate who have convened an extraordinary meeting. “We are certain that Andrea Delmastro and Giovanni Donzelli will take responsibility for their serious statements without hiding behind parliamentary immunity”. This is supported by the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party groups of the Chamber and Senate who have announced lawsuits and complaints against the undersecretary of Justice Delmastro and the deputy of FdI Donzelli who is also vice president of Copasir for the “defamating and harmful” sentences pronounced “on several occasions against the Democratic Party”.

Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro in an interview with ‘Il Biellese’ declares that the Democratic Party “will have to explain to the public that bow to the mafiosi” referring to the visit that 4 parliamentarians had made to the Sassar prisoni to see the health conditions of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike. Delmastro, citing what Walter Verini said, recalls that Cospito had told the Dems that he did not want to talk to them if they had not talked to the others first. And among these others were the two bosses De Maio and Presta. “A request – says Delmastro – that the Pd delegation did not refuse, agreeing to bow when speaking with the two criminals”.

“I warn you that, based on the agreements reached between the groups, a government briefing will take place on February 15 at 4 pm on the results of the investigations proposed by Justice Minister Nordio during the session on February 1” on the Cospito affair.
This was stated by the vice president on duty in the Chamber of Deputies Fabio Rampelli. “Consequently – he added – the examination of the decree law on fuel will begin after the conclusion of the urgent information”

“I have nothing to do with the mafia, I want the 41bis to be canceled for everyone because it is a tool that takes away fundamental freedoms, I have seen mafiosi who are elderly and sick, people who are no longer dangerous”.
In essence, this is the thought that Alfredo Cospito repeats in these hours to those who have had the opportunity to see him in the Milanese Opera prison. Speaking of protest actions as a form of support, the anarchist, who has been on hunger strike for over 106 days, clarifies that in anarchist ideology “one does not judge the actions of others” and that his writings are “individualist, because there is no organization”. Alfredo Cospito, the anarchist who has been on hunger strike since October against the 41bis, has sent the Dap a statement in which he expresses his will not to proceed with forced feeding, in the event that his conditions worsen to such an extent and was unconscious. From what has been known, it is the first time, at least in Milan (the 55-year-old is in the clinical center of the Opera prison), that a statement of this type has arrived from a prisoner in his condition. There will be different legal profiles to be evaluated, therefore, in the event of a critical situation from a health point of view.

The president of the Surveillance Court of Milan Giovanna Di Rosa and the judge Ornella Anedda went to visit Alfredo Cospito yesterday, the anarchist on hunger strike for over 106 days against the 41bis, in the Opera prison. As far as has been known, the Surveillance Office, through interviews with the doctors, is carrying out a continuous and constant control of the health conditions of the 55-year-old, who has also decided to suspend the supplements, drinks a lot and takes salt and sugar. At the moment, the constant monitoring by the magistrates is also based on the health reports of the prison doctors.

The Paduan lawyer Andrea Ostellari, 48, Northern League member and current Undersecretary of Justice, will be placed under guard in relation to the controversy over the battle of the anarchist terrorist Alfredo Cospito
against harsh prison and life imprisonment. The Corriere del Veneto writes it explaining that the exponent of the Carroccio would have ended up in the crosshairs of the anarchists by dealing, among his powers, precisely with the treatment of prisoners. For days in Padua and in many other cities in the Veneto and in Italy there have been threatening writings in support of Cospito. The decision will be taken by the prefect of Rome during a meeting scheduled for 10 February. Since yesterday he has been granted “temporary protection” which allows him to drive around in an armored car, accompanied by men from the police. The provision for the assignment of the escort to the Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro could arrive in the next few days, in light of the recent threats by anarchists on the case of the prisoner Alfredo Cospito. While the preliminary investigation is underway for the assignment of the escort – which could land on the table of the Committee for order and security chaired by the Prefect of Rome, on 10 February – a “provisional protection” has in any case already been approved for the two undersecretaries Delmastro and Ostellari.

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