Cospito: anarchists in squares in various cities, clashes in Rome, three demonstrators arrested

Clashes at the procession in Rome in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito. The demonstrators, who arrived on the Via Prenestina, attempted to build barricades and started throwing bottles at the forces of order who, to repel them, made a series of lightening charges. The situation remains tense. Some protesters were stopped by the police during the procession. The latter were taken to the police headquarters after the riots to be identified and their position will be assessed in the next few hours. At the end of the procession, the group of demonstrators with their faces covered attempted to create the barricades by moving and overturning some waste bins, then he tore up a glass bell from which he took bottles, throwing them at officers in riot gear. The latter then advanced with batons to disperse the demonstrators and some of them were allegedly hit by the batons. After several minutes the tension returned. Three demonstrators were arrested during moments of tension in today’s procession in Rome, in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, while two others were injured during the riots.

Cospito, in Rome the procession of anarchists against the 41-bis

“They said we are in cahoots with the mafia, but they didn’t understand the meaning of our struggle. The Opera prison (where Cospito is currently being held – ed) is a lager”, the protesters said on megaphones, who announce a live connection with a sit-in which also takes place simultaneously in Milan. There are several police officers and armored vehicles at the scene.

A group of about ten people among the demonstrators who are participating in the procession in Rome, in solidarity with the anarchist Alfredo Cospito, he threw bottles and smoke bombs at a cordon of security forces and armored vehicles placed to protect a Fiat dealership in via di Porta Maggiore. The same group of demonstrators, who paraded in black with their faces distorted, then continued following the still marching procession.

Cospito, Milan: insults and water against journalists in the Opera garrison


In Milan, a group of demonstrators who gathered in the afternoon in front of the prison in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, have left the square in front of the penitentiary on the outskirts of Milan and are marching across the lawn to approach the building and carry a Greetings to all inmates. From the procession, amidst a “freedom” shouted in chorus and other slogans, some smoke bombs were lit and banners unfurled. The group of protesters then approached the penitentiary’s outermost security fence and he threw smoke bombs and stones inside. The outermost walkway is manned by vans and police officers in riot gear. The group of demonstrators, in addition to throwing some smoke bombs and a few stones, ‘drummed’ with pieces of iron on the net outside the patrol walkway that delimits the penitentiary. The demonstrators then sent insults and spits on the police forces. From the procession that is winding its way through the fields around the prison, there are also slogans such as “we don’t want any more prisons and CPR, we’ll bring them down blow by blow”. At the same time the garrison is going on in front of the main entrance to Opera.

Cospito, Opera: protesters throw stones and smoke bombs at the agents

Source: Ansa

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