Calenda: ‘The Quirinale cannot be touched, sad to tell a semi-fascist’. Then she corrects herself.

“Dear Giorgia Meloni, we offer you this: don’t touch the presidency of the republic which is the only thing that works in this country. Without the unity of the nation he goes to hell. And that I have to explain it to a semi-fascist nationalist is depressing. Away with the busts and a little nationalism”. This was stated by Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, during an electoral event of the Third Pole in Milan. “We propose to Meloni the premiership and the abrupt abolition of a Chamber because by now bicameralism is a dead thing”, Calenda adds, underlining that “here we have a difference with Renzi, because the Chamber that is to be abolished cannot be the Senate”. Furthermore “we propose to review all federalism, the matters that must be given more to the Regions and those that must be subtracted – he concludes – example: with the new autonomy I did not do the Tap”.

After the attack on the premier, the leader of Action corrects the shot on Twitter. “It was obviously a joke.” The leader of Action Carlo Calenda on Twitter returns to the words he expressed this morning on Giorgia Meloni during an electoral event at the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan. On presidentialism, Calenda had spoken of the need to “not touch the presidency of the Republic” without which “the unity of the nation goes down the drain. And that I have to explain it to a semi-fascist nationalist is depressing”. “I said a very different thing – replies Calenda – if not even semi-fascist nationalists recognize the value of the homeland culture we are in terrible shape. It was obviously a joke”

Source: Ansa

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