Elisabeth Borne once again reaches out to the Republicans

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7:08 p.m., February 05, 2023

The text of the highly contested pension reform arrives this Monday at the National Assembly. And Matignon’s message is clear: Elisabeth Borne wants to do everything to avoid using article 49-3 of the Constitution, by finding a majority. In an interview with the JDD, the Prime Minister said she was ready to make concessions to the Republicans.

D-1 before the debates around the pension reform. The text will be officially debated this Monday in the hemicycle, with more than 20,000 amendments tabled, including 13,000 from rebellious France. In an extensive interview with Sunday newspaper, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne said she was ready to make some concessions and said so explicitly: “We are going to move”. The message from the host of Matignon is clear: she wants to do everything to avoid using article 49-3 of the Constitution, by finding a majority.

The long careers system extended?

Concretely, even before the start of the debates, Élisabeth Borne made a new concession to the Republicans, “by extending the long career system to those who started working between the ages of 20 and 21”, who could therefore “leave at 63” at the retirement, against 64 years in the initial text.

The measure, if adopted, will cost between 600 million and one billion euros for only “30,000 people concerned per year” according to Elisabeth Borne. It must be understood that this was the condition sine qua non of the right-wing party to vote for the text.

A milestone in 2027

Another relaxation from the Prime Minister: a mid-term review of the reform, in 2027. The request came mainly from the Modem, an ally of Emmanuel Macron. “No particular objection” to this confided Élisabeth Borne, who explains at the same time that the presidential election of 2027 and the legislative elections which will follow will be “a form of review clause”.

Finally, in this interview, the Prime Minister goes to the front to reaffirm that this pension reform, presented as “the mother of reforms” by Emmanuel Macron, will be done at all costs… Without the support of the street.

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