Moro, 45 years ago the kidnapping and the massacre in via Fani

Forty-five years ago, on 16 March 1978, the kidnapping by the Red Brigades of the president of the Christian Democracy Aldo Moro. A command of terrorists intercepted the car of the Christian Democrat statesman in via Mario Fani, on the northern outskirts of Rome, at the crossroads with via Stresa, blocking the car which was taking Moro to vote his confidence in the fourth Andreotti government, killing the five men of his escort, to then kidnap the president of the DC.

Thus began the 55 dramatic days of the Moro kidnapping, which ended with the discovery on the following 9 May of the statesman’s body inside the trunk of a red Renault 4 parked in Rome in via Caetani, about 150 meters away from both via delle Botteghe Oscure, the national headquarters of the Italian Communist Party, and from Piazza del Gesù, the national headquarters of the Christian Democrats .

Moro: 45 years ago the kidnapping and massacre of Via Fani

“On 16 March 1978 the Red Brigades kidnapped Aldo Moro and barbarously killed the 5 men of his escort. 45 years later, let us not forget the sacrifice of these state servants and a man of the institutions who gave so much to the nation”. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni writes it on Twitter, recalling the kidnapping of the statesman and the killing of his secret agents

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