Archbishop apologizes for comparing climate change to Holocaust

Merkel announces energy partnership with South Africa

In order to promote the global phase-out from coal-fired power generation, Germany wants one new energy partnership with South Africa enter. This was stated on Monday by the Executive Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in her address at the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. This cooperation is an important “Pilot project for many African countries“, Said Merkel further. At first she did not give any details.

In addition, the outgoing Chancellor also raised the German cooperation with Colombia, Norway and the United Kingdom to protect forests emerged. Overall, there must be more global cooperation on climate protection, stressed Merkel. It is necessary for all states to stop using coal in order not to further increase the rate of global warming.

the G20 countries had sent an important signal at their summit at the weekend by agreeing to withdraw from the international financing of coal-fired power plants. To the necessary “comprehensive transformation” To accomplish our work and economic activity, the CO2 pricing is a central instrument, explained Merkel further.

Overall, a lot still needs to be done in terms of global climate protection. “We’re not where we need to be“, Explained the outgoing Chancellor, for whom it will be the last world climate conference and probably the last major international appearance in this function. Merkel said she was confident that it would it is still possible to mitigate the devastating consequences of global warming.

“We know that the effects of climate change are devastating. And we must – and I also say: we can – implement the Paris Agreement, ”said Merkel. The industrialized countries have a special responsibility. Funding support for poorer countries is also crucial for their credibility.

“We have to admit that we reach $ 100 billion in funding only in 2023“, Said the chancellor, who is still in office, referring to the original goal of the industrialized countries to provide 100 billion US dollars annually to poorer countries by 2020. This goal will be achieved later, but the promised funds will be paid, assured Merkel. Germany will make “a considerable contribution” here. (dpa)

Source From: Tagesspiegel

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