Found a new party or not?: Wagenknecht wants to take his time – the top left is pushing for a decision

The considerations of the left-wing member of the Bundestag Sahra Wagenknecht about a possible founding of a new party outraged the left leadership.

“It is irresponsible to announce that a decision will be made about the formation of a competing party in the course of the next few months,” said party chairmen Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan on Saturday evening.

“It offends the thousands of members who work locally for the left and their goals,” it said.

Wagenknecht is aiming for clarification by the end of the year

The former left-wing leader Wagenknecht told the news portal “” about her plans: “By the end of the year it must be clear how things will continue.”

By the end of the year it must be clear what will happen next.

Sarah Wagenknecht

The founding of a party depends “on conditions, including those of a legal nature,” she explained. “You have to build structures.”

The expectation that “a party like this could be launched from one week to the next, that would be doomed to failure”.

Wissler and Schirdewan demanded an end to the deliberations. “We call on everyone to reject efforts to divide, to defend and develop the left as a plural socialist party,” the chairmen said.

Gregor Gysi urges a decision

Most recently, according to his own statements, the former left-wing faction leader Gregor Gysi tried to bring Wagenknecht and the party leadership back together.

If people plan to do this, they should do it quickly and not torment the party forever.

Gregory Gysi

“I try to mediate because I think that the two sides are not so far apart that we need two parties, and because I’m pretty sure it will be difficult for both of them,” he said. de” in an interview published on Sunday.

Ultimately, Wagenknecht and her environment would have to decide on the possible start-up.

“Only one thing is not possible: that we deal with this question for months and do not concentrate on the questions that are necessary,” warned Gysi.

“That’s why I can only say: If people plan to do this, they should do it quickly and not torment the party forever.” (AFP)

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