Gas and oil heating: Federal government discusses “scrapping bonus”

The federal government is discussing a possible scrapping bonus for old heating systems. “We are open to this for the time being, we would find it positive,” said a spokeswoman for the SPD-led Federal Ministry of Building on Friday in Berlin. So far, however, it is only a contribution to the discussion. The “Spiegel” had previously reported that a “scrapping premium for old boilers” was under discussion, similar to what was done for cars after the 2009 financial crisis. Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit was reluctant and said: “A scrapping premium, as I have now read somewhere, would be new to me.”

Background: From 2024, if possible, every newly installed heating system should be operated with 65 percent renewable energies. The traffic light coalition had already agreed on this a year ago. The first draft law on this from the Economics and Building Ministries, which became known at the end of February, has been the subject of heated debate since the plans could result in a de facto ban on the installation of new gas and oil heating systems.

On the sidelines of a trip to Copenhagen on Friday, Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) emphasized the importance of social differentiation in the planned billion-euro additional funding for heating exchange. Young families who have little money and pensioners who have a tight pension must be supported differently than the “millionaire who already has three villas”. Habeck answered the question of whether a scrapping premium for old boilers was conceivable and said that such a thing already existed.

The Economics Minister referred to the existing subsidy, in which the installation of a heat pump or replacement is subsidized with up to 40 percent of the investment costs. However, this is not yet specific and sufficient enough for the future, because it is a flat-rate payment that is independent of income. That doesn’t seem like the best answer to him.

According to the “Spiegel” report, it is also being considered that apartment and house owners with higher incomes could obtain cheap loans for the purchase of a heat pump. In addition, it should also remain the case that one can write off 20 percent of the investment from income tax, which could be a financially interesting option, especially for high earners. (dpa)

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