You can still do it – or not?: The traffic light wants to set a counterpoint for immigration

Days and nights of haggling, in the end a stack of individual measures instead of a big hit: Interior Minister Nancy Faeser and Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (both SPD) tried to counter this impression of the coalition committee on Wednesday. The occasion: The cabinet passed the drafts for a new immigration law for skilled workers and for a law to strengthen training and further education.

The innovations were only possible with the “progressive coalition” of SPD, FDP and Greens, said Faeser. Heil recalled Thomas Oppermann, the SPD top politician who died young and who had called for a points system for the immigration of skilled workers seven years ago. “If we hadn’t been in the grand coalition for years, we would have been,” said Heil.

Points card and training place guarantee

The time will come soon: With a chance card and a points system, qualified people should be able to immigrate, even if they first have to find a job. Immigration should also be made easier and less bureaucratic for skilled workers who want to go to Germany for a specific job.

In addition, training and further education for domestic workers are to be strengthened. A training guarantee is introduced for young people, which means that they are entitled to at least one external training place. Further training is being funded for more people and companies than before, and a qualification allowance is being introduced for companies and employees who are particularly affected by structural change.

All of this should help to alleviate the increasingly serious shortage of skilled workers.

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