Serious security breach: man rides in the Chancellor’s convoy and hugs Scholz

A driver joined the convoy of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in his private car without authorization and hugged him after getting out without the bodyguards intervening in time. This is reported by the “Bild” newspaper. A government spokesman said when asked: “I can essentially confirm the report.”

A spokeswoman for the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) told the newspaper: “No one was injured. The person was arrested by the Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport without resistance.” A statement from the Federal Police was initially not available.

According to the report, the incident occurred after Scholz was driven to the airport from the European Central Bank’s Frankfurt headquarters on Wednesday. The man’s car was therefore able to pass through the security barrier of the airport together with the Chancellor’s convoy – despite the license plate not being registered.

As the Chancellor exited his limousine on the tarmac, the driver of the car rushed up to Scholz, shook his hand and hugged him. Scholz let it happen, the newspaper described. It was only at this moment that the BKA bodyguards and police officers became aware of the potentially dangerous situation and arrested the man.

“Bild” quoted chancellor’s office circles as saying: “For Olaf Scholz, it wasn’t a big incident in the specific situation, just a surprisingly warm hug. In retrospect, it turns out what could have happened there.” Scholz’s BKA team admitted internally that such a situation should not happen again. (dpa)

Source: Tagesspiegel

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