Badenberg and the “Last Generation”: Why the TV appearance of Berlin’s Senator for Justice had to go wrong

Justice ministers are not responsible for enforcing laws. Especially not in criminal law. While prosecutors are not independent, they must work as if they were. Anyone in their right mind resists instructions from above.

Berlin’s Justice Senator Felor Badenberg is right when she withdraws to her – small – “area of ​​responsibility” in the discussion about the climate stickers as a criminal organization in front of the “Daily Issues” audience of millions. Her recognizable lack of TV routine, which is why she is quite misogynistic on Twitter placed in the Stupid Cornermakes her more sympathetic.

But why are you asking someone who basically has nothing to say on the subject to be on the television stage at all? Because the show is played to the audience, Badenberg has the authority to classify the Kleber as criminal under Section 129 of the Criminal Code.

The moderator is involved. But the senator chose her own role by having her agency create a kind of senior report on this issue. The former top official from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution tries to become a politician. She is concerned with a symbol against the supposedly lame Berlin public prosecutor’s office, while Bavaria and Brandenburg seem to be on the ball.

Criminal justice is not a political-free zone. The formal subsumption of the “last generation” under the facts of “formation of criminal organizations” – and their necessary dissection and analysis – is carried out by people with their own reality and personal views. But according to the law.

For the “Last Generation” crime has not only remained a means, but has increasingly become an end. Without a crime there is no public nuisance, without nuisance there is no attention and there is no opportunity to stage oneself as an opponent – and victim – of a misguided state authority which, according to the activists, has decided in favor of the end of the world.

We don’t have the investigation files. However, in the assumption that such organized action could have something of a criminal association, at least in part, there is no arbitrariness to be seen for the time being. And no politics either.

Source: Tagesspiegel

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