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Mattarella: ‘We cannot remove cautions right now’

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Mayors and administrators in the tricolor band greeted with a long applause the entrance of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, in the plenary hall of the Parma Fair for the 38 / a national assembly of the ANCI. Mattarella was welcomed by the president of Anci, Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari. Also present on the opening day was the president of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati.

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“The daily dedication of the mayors was decisive in dealing with the crisis that our country had to face with the pandemic on the field, together with the commitment of health workers. A difficult test, in many dramatic moments, which highlighted the ability of cohesion of our society. I would like, here, to express a memory and address a thought of gratitude to the local administrators who have lost their lives alongside their fellow citizens affected by the virus “. President Sergio Mattarella said this at the ANCI congress.

“We have shown wisdom and will to recover. A great job has been done. It is now necessary to prevent and counter the further, dangerous pitfalls, which come from the new infections. The time of responsibility is not yet over”.

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“Above all thanks to vaccines – and thanks to the sense of responsibility and respect for others and the rules manifested by almost all of our fellow citizens – we managed to overcome the most arduous curve, we have regained important spaces of normality, of freedom, and we are set out on a new path where it is possible to return to planning, building and operating for a better future, even with respect to what existed before the onset of the pandemic, as demonstrated by the trend of our economy “, said Mattarella.

“The municipal institutions have given answers to people and businesses, to families and economic activities in trouble, and now they are accompanying them in the restart, having present ancient imbalances that have worsened and new fracture lines that have appeared. Municipalities have contributed to a response from the institutions and the country, a response that has become increasingly convergent over the months. It was not taken for granted. Of this loyal collaboration it is right to acknowledge the mayors, the Anci. Solidarity has proven itself, as well as a civil value of primary size, an essential force for progress. The Italian institutional structure, with its municipal traditions, proved to be precious. Municipalities, Regions, Provinces, different territories, social expressions, intermediate bodies, small and medium-sized enterprises alongside the largest, associations and voluntary work “.

“We cannot remove the cautions – added the head of state -, because today we have before us unprecedented opportunities and potential, which have acquired characteristics of concreteness thanks also to European choices of high political value. We must be able to transform opportunities in projects capable of improving our social model, of accelerating ecological and digital transitions, of offering the younger generations a society that is not compromised by unsustainable mortgages “.

“We cannot nullify the great opportunity that presents itself before us. It is our priority. Partial interests must be subordinated to it” because “there will not be another opportunity”, said Mattarella.

“In recent weeks, not always authorized demonstrations have tried to pass the attack on the free development of activities as a free manifestation of thought – added Mattarella -. Alongside the critical issues for public order, often with the ostentatious renunciation of personal protective equipment and the anticovid precautionary rules have caused a dangerous increase in contagion. Legitimate forms of dissent can never overwhelm the civic duty to protect the weakest: we must defeat the virus, not attack the tools that fight it ‘ .

“We are together again as a large community, a community which, however, lacks all the mayors and all the administrators that Covid has taken away from this country”. The president Anci Antonio Decaro, opening the assembly, he remembers all the administrators who died from the virus. “Our embrace goes to the families of all of them. We will never forget you,” he said, gathering the applause of the plenary hall.

“This is who we are, a people that does not give up and gets up again. This is Italy that is reborn and the Municipalities are now at the center of a new season of change, with all that it will entail. The essential engine, how we recalled President Mattarella “.

“We know we are not alone: ​​we can count on each other, we can count on a government that is proving to be an attentive interlocutor and, above all, we can count on a team of women and men who work in our administrations, starting with those who are found at the forefront of fighting the pandemic “. “I am thinking of the agents of the local police, of the welfare workers, of all the educators who have taken care of our youngest fellow citizens”, he explained.

“We do not ask for immunity, but can the mayors respond criminally to assessments that are not attributable to their competences, answer for whatever happens in their city? We ask that our responsibility be more clearly defined”, said Decaro, speaking of the the issue of the responsibility of the mayors, “who jump to the headlines only when they are registered in the register of suspects”. It is “a question of dignity”.

“Thank you Mr. President, for representing the best Italy in the world”. Thus the president Anci Antonio Decaro, from the stage of the Parma assembly, concluded a series of thanks to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, present in the room. “Thank you for your words, always clear and effective. Thank you for being, for us and for the whole country, a moral and institutional reference. Thank you for the strong and kind guide you have been able to exercise, thank you for entering everyone’s homes Italians and making us all feel the same even in the small daily difficulties (such as not being able to go to the barber …) “.

The president of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini he expresses his will, if possible, to include a mayor among the three representatives of his region designated for the election of the next Head of State, “possibly also my position”, he said speaking at the ANCI Assembly. Bonaccini referred to the proposal of the president Anci Antonio Decaro, “where the regions are asked if there will also be a mayor”. “Leaving the power to the legislative assembly” and “if confirmed that it will be possible, one of the seats must be available to the mayors,” he said.


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