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Galeazzi and Mara Venier, goodbye to my Bisteccone

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Pizzoferrato, honorary citizenship at the 9 Alpine Regiment (ANSA)

“For love of him I also became a Lazio fan. Once he also dragged me to the stadium with him to watch a Lazio match. I have so many good memories with him. We were close friends, we really loved each other. But it is difficult for me to talk about the end of a friendship that had lasted for 30 years. “It is an unrecognizable voice, broken by tears, the one that answers the phone. Mara Venier talks to ANSA by Giampiero Galeazzi, a few hours after the death of his great friend and companion of many television adventures.
“My big steak … an important piece of my life goes away …”. Thus, Mara Venier in a post on her Instagram page, commenting on a recent photo where she is with Galeazzi, had today bid farewell to her Giampiero on social media. “I knew it had gotten worse but I thought it overcame” reveals the host.
Right from Mara Venier, to Domenica In, in January 2019, Bisteccone, nickname given to him for his size by the journalist Gilberto Evangelisti, returned in one of his latest television appearances. Galeazzi had told about his illness there. The month before he had presented himself in a wheelchair, visibly tried by a mysterious illness, so much so that on social networks, he had confessed himself: “Many had already given me the funeral”.

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“It was a very strong thing for me and for the audience to see him in those conditions” admits Mara Venier. “These images often come to mind, alongside those of the beautiful evenings spent at my house, after Domenica in, cheerful evenings when I cooked for all my friends. He was always there”. “I have diabetes – Galeazzi revealed during his last time as a guest of the Sunday program of Rai1 – he is my travel companion. It is a deadly disease. I too was surprised by the affection of the public, I was disconcerted by the popularity and from affection. A lady from America called me and told me what to do. I used the metaphor of the last 500 meters because it is rowing and it means that one turns around and checks rivals. I will see who is there. and with me”. Mara Venier immediately replied: “I’ll be there”. “It wasn’t easy to come back here – a second time. Some people tried to dissuade me but I said this is my home and then I came back.”


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Source From: Ansa

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